Types of Eyelash Extensions: What Kind Should You Get?

Would you like to try eyelash extensions and don’t know what kind is the best for your eyes?

Keep reading the article to know about the 5 most popular types of eyelashes used for this beauty treatment.

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Types of Eyelash Extensions What Kind Should You Get

  1. Volume lashes

A great choice for those clients who dream of long and thick eyelashes. By choosing this technique, you will get an expressive look that will be perfect for both a celebration and everyday life.

Volume lash extensions can be of different lengths and thickness. You can also choose between standard volume extensions and mega-volume ones. The latter option is usually chosen to create a dramatic look for a photo shoot or a party.

  1. Classic lashes

Suitable for those clients who want to look as natural as possible, as if it were their eyelashes.

Classic lash extensions make the eyes more expressive, as if you have applied mascara, and the eyelashes look a little longer than natural.

Keep in mind that the classics are not suitable for clients with hooded eyes, as eyelashes can be tucked under the lid and will be almost invisible.

In this case, you better try another option, for example, M&L curl.

  1. M&L curl

These lashes have a short base combined with a sharp curl throughout the middle and tip of the extension.

They fit almost all clients, especially those with deep-set eyes because they make the eyes visually wide-open.

This curl is often used in the cat lash extensions technique. This technique creates an elegant lift and an elongated effect on the eyes and also mimics the shape of winged eyeliner.

  1. Flat lashes

It is a product with a flat diamond-shaped base, with a lighter weight and a wider bonding surface.

Thanks to this, they are ideal for clients with naturally thin lashes. This method will be the most gentle for them.

In addition, the bigger bonding surface means that such lashes will last longer.

  1. Coloured lashes

A perfect option for a themed party! You can also add colored «rays» to the standard extensions and thus enhance the brightness of your look.

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