Difference Between I-Tip and K-Tip Hair Extensions

Keratin tip extensions are the most demanded extension technique among hair stylists and their customers. It is also called hot fusion hair extensions. The strands are fixed with keratin bonds. As a result, you will get a hairstyle that is beautiful and comfortable to wear at the same time.

In addition to hot fusions, there is another similar technique for fixing curls: cold fusions or I-tips.

Read in our article all about their similarities and differences.

Tip Hair Extensions

K-Tip Hair Extensions vs I-Tip: Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the key features of these two techniques:

  • Extension procedure 

In order to apply hot fusions, hair stylists form keratin bonds, which fix the locks on the head. 

If the stylist places the bonds correctly (not too close to the scalp), then this hairstyle will not harm the health of your hair.

I-tips (also known as micro rings) are fixed with small beads with silicone lining. These beads are clamped with a tool that resembles ordinary pliers.

If the beads are tightened too much, natural hair can be damaged, and the roots - weakened, which can lead to hair loss.

  • Comfort

If the stylist installs the bonds correctly, then hot fusions will not be felt in wearing and you can make any hairstyle you wish.

In turn, cold fusions are not suitable for customers with sensitive scalp. In general, they are more felt in wearing than keratin bonds. This is because keratin is naturally softer than the material used for micro rings.

  • Safety

I-tips are not the best choice for those who have naturally thin hair or for clients with damaged hair due to frequent coloring.

In this case, it is better to choose keratin bond extensions. They can be of different sizes: standard bonds contain 1 gram of hair per strand, and micro bonds - 0.6-0.8 grams of hair per strand. The latter option is especially good for girls with thin curls.

Although both of these methods look quite similar, we recommend to opt for keratin tip extensions: it is less traumatic and more comfortable to wear.

Of course, much depends on the quality of the hair that the stylist uses for extensions. To avoid wasting time searching for premium raw materials for keratin tip extensions, visit I Love Slavic Hair online store.

Here you will find everything you need for modern hair techs!

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