Effectiveness of Using Real Estate Postcards for Your Business

 Real estate postcards are popular for most realtors, especially experienced ones. Not only do they help in connecting with potential prospects, but they also cater to brand awareness.

For example, postcards for just sold listings are like proof that you recently sold a property in the region. So, when a person sees the card, it gives them confidence that you are a competent real estate agent who can get them the deal they want.

Real Estate Postcards for Your Business

There are multiple reasons why realtors find using postcards an excellent way of marketing. It is a great method to target specific areas precisely. One can send the message through a mailing route without any names or addresses. Cards are also relatively small, meaning there is a likelihood that people store them safely for use at a later date, even if they don’t need your services immediately.

Types of Real Estate Postcards

Just Sold

Postcards for just sold listings help in offering social validation to the agents. It is more impactful when a realtor sells a property and shares it with others. It makes them believe that someone else trusted the agent, and they can get to it. The process makes it easier for people to have confidence in you, and the same increase your chances of a lead.

Just Listed

The just-listed cards are used to spread awareness about the newly listed homes. It arouses curiosity in the minds of people looking for a house. An agent can advertise the just listed property to the target audience and have a positive impact. Not only does it help in introducing the house, but also the real estate agent.

Combination of Just Sold and Listed

The combination of both can be an intelligent way to flaunt and tell your clients how busy you have been. It sends a message immediately, and people are most likely to reach out to you if there is a requirement.

The Frequency of Sending Real Estate Postcards

The frequency of sending postcards varies from agent to agent. However, effective practice is to send them around 9 to 12 in a year. This figure is for the highest-value market, while it can range from 4 to 12 times for other target areas.

The goal of any marketing campaign, including postcards, is to create brand awareness. So, when a person is looking forward to buying or selling, your name should flash right in his mind.

Most campaigners feel dejected after the third round of interaction and give up. However, reports say 81% of deals are closed after the fifth round. When you are continuously targeting specific demography over a certain period, it will surely fetch tremendous results. It is after the fifth contact that real action begins, and the consequences of your hard work become visible.

How to Measure Its Effectiveness?

Here are multiple ways to measure the effectiveness of the application. When a lead contacts, you ensure that you are updating the source on the CRM. It will help in tracking the multiple sources and see what results in postcard marketing has fetched.

Have a unique landing page to determine how many people visited the website after seeing the postcard. Use a unique URL and see real estate postcards' differences. One can also use QR codes to measure website traffic from the cards.

Do not forget to offer special discounts to people who turn up with the postcards. It will work if the message is sent to the right people at the right time. It is a great way to show off your business skills cost-effectively.

There is no shortage of postcard ideas, and hundreds of services offer the same. So, get in touch with a reputed facility as soon as possible and start the marketing campaign. 

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