What Equipment Is Used to Store and Chill Draft Beers?

 Beer is certainly one of the best inventions of mankind. And you’ll agree with it if you’re reading this article.

In order to keep this product delicious, and customers get maximum pleasure from tasting it, your bar must be equipped with the best and most reliable equipment.

Keep scrolling to know all the nuances of how to choose it.

Draft Beer Storage and Cooling Equipment

A good beer should be fresh and cool. To keep it in this state, the bar must buy its own draft beer system.

The simplest and most convenient example of such a system is beer kegerator.

Let us consider in more detail what this system is.

It includes:

  1. Beer kegerator is a refrigerator designed for storing and dispensing beer in kegs.
  2. Shank.
  3. Glycol chiller and glycol line.
  4. Beer Line.
  5. Cylinder with carbon dioxide (or nitrogen - depending on the type of beer), with primary and secondary pressure regulators.
  6. Stainless steel keg and keg coupler.
  7. Beer tower with tap, beer handle and drip tray.
What Equipment Is Used to Store and Chill Draft Beers

 How Does This Equipment Work?

  • You press the beer handle on the tap;
  • Compressed carbon dioxide in the tank pushes the beer out of the barrel;
  • Then the drink passes through the beer line and enters the tap of the beer tower;
  • You press the tap and pour a delicious, chilled drink to the bar customers.

Want to buy a quality reliable beer kegerator? Contact representatives of the Canadian company Beverage Craft.

There is a large selection of good beer equipment in the assortment of the brand.

Here you can buy various types of kegerators for both home and professional use.

To choose the appropriate model, answer the following questions:

  • What type of drink do you plan to cool (wine, beer, etc.)?
  • Where do you plan to install the generator (in the kitchen, under the table, in the street, etc.)?
  • For what purposes do you need it (home use, commercial or industrial)?
  • Which type of equipment do you prefer (single-, double-, triple-door or full-size refrigerator)?

Beverage Craft specialists will help you to choose the right equipment based on your preferences and other factors that determine the maximum efficiency of the device.

You’ll be pleased for sure!

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