What Color Cars are the Safest?

Did you know that the color of your car can keep you safer? In fact, there are several vehicle colors that get in fewer accidents and several colors that get into more accidents. Let's start with the worst color. As you might imagine, black vehicles get into more accidents than any other car, by quite a bit.
Black cars get into almost 50% more accidents than automobiles with other colors. One reason is that black vehicles blend in with dark backgrounds, nighttime, and even weather. When a split-second matter, many people just don't see black vehicles until it's too late. Dark grey cars are also harder to see and blend in with dark and cloudy skies, making them harder to see.

Let’s take a look at the safest colored vehicles.


This is a popular automobile color millions of people choose. It's also the safest color. White cars stand out in the daytime and at night. This color naturally draws your eye to it. So, if you are in the market for a new car and safety is important, go for a white car. You will be a little bit safer. According to Accessinsurancecompany.netyou won't get a car insurance discount for buying a white car, but you will have peace of mind. A white car could just save your life.


If you want to stand out on the road, buy a yellow vehicle. This color can also help prevent you from getting rear-ended or side-swiped. Many emergency vehicles around the world, like ambulances and even firetrucks, use yellow. It's a color that stands out in almost any condition, including fog, nighttime, and even dusk. Yellow also contrasts well to black and grey pavement, making it easy to see on the roadways. While yellow might not be the most popular color, it will statistically, help prevent you from getting into an accident.


Red is the second most popular "safe" color car behind white. One of the reasons it's not at the top of the list is red blends in with all the red lights on other vehicles and traffic lights. This can make it harder for the eye to pick-up. However, red is a good color that does stand out in rain and fog. At night, it's just not as safe as white or yellow, which provide better contrast.


Aside from exotic cars like Lambo's, most people don't think of buying an orange vehicle. Although unpopular, this color is one of the safest choices you can make. Orange provides a good contrast to other vehicles, not only because it's bright, but because almost no other vehicles have the same color. In fact, some auto manufacturers don't offer orange as an option. If you want an orange car, your options are going to be narrow.


This is another color that is not popular but really stands out. Gold reflects light in the day and contrasts well to the pavement. The downside is this color vehicle doesn't stand out as well in rainy or foggy conditions, as well as yellow or white.


We've all heard the song "Pink Cadillac." Pink is not a popular choice for most car buyers but is a safe one. This color really stands out to pedestrians and other drivers. It's also a color that stands out in stormy conditions like rain and fog. Like orange, it's a color that many manufacturers don't offer. Some companies have it as an option if you pre-order your vehicle.


This is the safe car color of choice, made by millions of car buyers each year. In low lighted conditions, silver can really stand out. However, in rainy and foggy conditions it's a bit harder to see. If you want a popular color that is not too flashy and is safe, take a look at silver.


Blue is one of the most popular of safe car colors. This color provides contrast to the roadways but it has a downside. This is, of course, the blue sky. It's not as safe as yellow or red because blue blends in so well with the sky. The good news is blue is a lot safer than black.


Green colored cars are not as safe because they blend in with so many objects, like trees, grass, and plants. In the city, where there's not as much grass and "greenery" a green car can really stand out and is safer.

Do car colors affect Insurance Rates?

This is a big myth that has been going around for decades. The truth is, car insurance companies do not use color as a factor in determining rates. This means that you won't get a discount for having a white car and you won't pay more for having a black car. The motivation for buying a car color that is safer comes down to a personal choice that has no bearing on rates.

The things that do affect rates are a drivers age, sex, car make and model, zip code, credit and driving record. So, the next time you are shopping for a car, now you know which colors are the safest.
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