What are the Documents Required to Avail a Legal Heir Certificate

A legal heir certificate is an important document that has to be applied after the death of a family member. The application needs to be sent by the parents, spouse, children (daughter/ son), or the siblings (brother/ sister) of the dead person, along with the necessary documents. 

On approval by the employed lawyer, the certificate holder becomes eligible to obtain the property and assets which had been previously in the possession of the deceased.
Listed below are the steps involved in the procurement of the legal heir certificate online.


The organization provides its clients with a checklist of the required documents, those which need to be verified during the process of obtaining the legal document.

       Drafting of the application:

The employed lawyer is given the task of drafting the application in accordance with the responses and details provided by the customer. After a thorough review of the same, it is shared with the concerned parties.


A meet with the lawyer and the revenue officer of the concerned district is organized to finalize the documentation process. The client is required to carry all the mentioned documents present in the checklist for the final verification.

       Filling of the application:

Upon completion of the attestation and finalization of the documents, a fee has to be paid and the application can be properly filled at the revenue department office of that particular district.


The information provided by the applicant is cross – verified and an inquiry is conducted by the administrative officer or the revenue inspector.

       Grant of the Legal Heir Certificate online:

If satisfactory results are procured after the inquiry by the revenue officer, the legal documents will arrive with a period of 15 to 20 days. 

The importance of acquiring a legal heir certificate online

The legal heir document doesn't stand as standard proof or legitimate document in the matters involving the transfer of property from the account of the deceased, for such cases, a court-approved succession certificate is mandatory. The main use of a legal heir certificate is to claim insurance benefits, pension benefits, retirement benefits, and for gratuity, and PF claims.
The procedure involved in the attainment of the legal heir certificate need not be confusing, as long as there is an involvement of a third party, such as certified online services that can help the family members of the dead person to acquire the certificate in a very short period.
After having accumulated all the important documents, the clients need to pay a small amount for the completion of the process. The lawyer verifies and finalizes all the legal papers and forms. The final step is the inquiry carried out by a revenue officer and the legal heir certificate is delivered to the applicant. Upon receiving the document, the family can go ahead with the legal proceedings concerning the assets, properties and other items left behind by the concerned individual. visit The Law Office of Betz and Baril for best your suggestion and help.
The documents needed for obtaining the legal heir certificate, as mentioned in the checklist provided by the organizations offering to help attain are mentioned below.
The first and foremost document that needs to arrange is the signed application form of the applicant:
       To ensure the legitimacy of the applicant it is obligatory for them to provide an identification proof that contains a picture of the customer. A photocopy of either an Aadhar card, a voter’s identity card, a driver’s license, a PAN card, or a passport would suffice.

   Address proof of the applicant also needs to be given to the lawyer for verification. The address proof could be a photocopy of either an Aadhar card, a passport, a voter's identity card, a driver's license, or a PAN card.

     Any available proof that has the date of birth of the client mentioned needs to be submitted to the concerned lawyer for further continuation of the process. Documents such as the birth certificate, a passport, a pan card, a voter’s identity card, a driver’s license or the school leaving certificate could be given to prove the application as valid.
      The lawyer needs to be consulted to procure a self – attested affidavit.
      The death certificate, provided by the municipality or corporate office, of the deceased needs to be acquired by the family members. A photocopy of the death certificate would do.
   A photocopy of any of the available address proofs of the deceased need to be given for verification. The document may include, a passport, a voter’s identity card, a driver’s license, a PAN card, or an Aadhar card.

This procedure needs to be carried out at the earliest by a close family member of the deceased to avoid legal complications, involving the insurance policies, assets, PF claims, and the properties of the said individual.
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