Practicing Self-Care While Your Spouse is Deployed

There is nothing easy about being a military spouse. They need to deal with their loved one being away and the fear that something is going to happen to them. A spouse needs to take care of their family but they also need to take care of themselves. There are some self-care tips so that a military spouse will be able to look after their health and well-being.

Take Classes

For a spouse to keep their mind busy and improve themselves they can take some courses online. Military spouses and dependents can take classes online often free or at a reduced cost. This will allow them to focus on something that they can use to improve their life and get them ahead at work. A military spouse can have a career to stay busy and find support. Online classes are a great way to keep the mind busy.

Start a Journal

While the spouse has to keep the home running it is okay if they feel angry or sad. Writing is a great way to allow these emotions to come out. This will help a person get everything they are feeling down. This should become part of daily life. A person should set aside a specific amount of time so they can write in their journal. Many have said this has helped reduce stress and was a great outlet for relaxation.

Scale Back

A military spouse is still responsible for the household and the children. They should scale back on all that they do. It does not matter if the house is not vacuumed every day or there are dishes in the sink. They should cut back on some responsibilities and do something fun with friends of a fun activity with the children. This will help reduce stress and bring some pleasure to life.

Get Spiritual

Many spouses turn to the church when their loved one is deployed. They go to their house of worship and put their faith in a higher power that their loved one will return safely. Churches and other religious institutes will allow a person to find support and connect with others.

Keep Busy

It is important that a military spouse stays busy. If not they will do nothing but worry above their loved one during deployment. Military spouses and dependents can take classes online to keep their mind busy. They should continue to go to work and find volunteer opportunities to keep them active and engaged. They can also join social groups and spend a night out with friends in the same situation. Anything to keep their mind busy will do.

Eat Well

The spouse should still eat properly. Some will turn to food for comfort and gain weight while others may not eat at all. They should join a cooking class or cook at home so they do not eat out often. Proper nutrition is needed for overall health.

These are some things a military spouse should do so they can take care of themselves. They are also making a sacrifice for their country and need to keep healthy to support their spouse during their time of deployment.
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