How Do You Prepare for a Prenup Photoshoot?

Pre wedding photographs and videos have become an emerging trend among couples that want to get married in the near future. Pre-wedding photographs are a great way of getting those cute photographs and videos with their loved one that they may not be able to get on the dee-day. Pre-wedding photography enables the couple to relax and get nice photos that showcase their unique personalities and love. This is a good time too because it’s them and the camera, away from all the flurry of normal daily activities.
Some couples may choose to have the same photographer on their wedding day and this is a nice way to establish rapport with the couple. They will get to know you as a photographer, how you work and the quality of your pics so they can decide whether they want you on the wedding day or not.
If you are new to the industry of pre-wedding photography or want to sharpen your already amazing skills, there are some tips below. The tips may come in handy, if not for one couple then for another because all couples are unique.

1.            Interact with the couple before the shoot

Meet up with the couple and talk to them days or weeks before the shoot. This is because couples already know how they want their photos or videos to appear. They already have ideas of their theme and what they will wear. Some couples may want natural photos or videos that are captured in the spur of the moment while others may want more glamorous shots that are edited and look like those from magazines.
It’s also very important to interact with them, know their life stories, personalities, style, how they met or fell in love and all the important stuff. You will be in a better position to reach or exceed their wildest expectations because you have background knowledge.
It may not always be possible to meet them in person and if this happens, then you can always talk to them through Skype or a phone call.

2.            Look for amazing venues where their photos or videos will come out the best

After you have talked to the couple and know their tastes and preferences, start scouting for locations. Look for the venue based on their theme. If they want a casual look, they can do it in a park. If they want a more vintage or Victorian look, they can do the shoot in an old building or a castle if it’s possible.  On the other hand, if they opt for a dramatic or modern look, they can take pictures on the rooftop or a city landscape.
Preparation is key so if they have told you their themes but have not thought of the venue or have no idea where to do it, you can scout the location in advance and look for the most suitable venues. Look at the lighting in the area, the vibes they give off and the permission or fee if it is required so there won’t be any hitches on that specific day.
While choosing the best locations, look at the personalities of your clients. Some people may be very introverted or shy and may feel awkward if their pictures are taken in front of many people in public.

3.            Use burst mode to capture fleeting moments

You do not want to miss those unique moments between the couple that happens in a split second. You will not be able to tell them to replicate that touch, look or kiss so you should shoot in burst mode. Take many pictures in quick succession because the unexpected actions they do may turn out into really good photos. It’s a good way to catch natural and real photos.
At first, the couple may be very shy and may not act like themselves because they may not be comfortable in front of a camera. However, with time they may loosen up and start to act like their normal selves. When they have calmed down, it will be a really good opportunity to get some amazing shots.

4.            Capture the most flattering angles of the couple

Most clients will review the pictures with very critical eyes. If they think they do not look good in a particular picture, they will not use the picture. As their wedding photographer, you should know which angles will make them look more flattering and which ones will not make them look good. If you want to play safe you can position the camera at eye level.
If you want to enhance the facial features of the couple and make them look flattering, you can place the camera slightly above their eye level.
You should use tilted angles for full body shots.

5.            Mix face shots with more creative ones

Do not take too many face shots. There are so many ways you can bring life to the photos and videos you are taking. You could take a close-up of the engagement ring or their intertwined fingers. You could also take their bare feet in the sand if they are in that setting. Having face shots interspersed with these other more creative shots will make the album more interesting.

6.            Help the couple strike some flattering poses.

Some couples are not used to being in front of the camera and may begin to act awkward. Help them to pose in ways that complement their features. This is very important as most of the couples are not professional models who have struck hundreds of poses. Don’t be afraid or shy to give clear directions, remember you are responsible for ensuring the pictures turn out good. If you are a beginner photographer or videographer, try to research on some poses that couples with their theme can do and replicate it.

7.            Allow them to view the pics through the LCD

It’s important to allow your clients to look at the photos on the camera LCD or choose cheap gopro alternatives. When they look at the pictures which have come out good, they may become more confident and excited about the results.
This will also enable them to make some corrections in the way they pose. They may see a certain angle isn’t working for them and switch to another one.

8.            Package the pictures in a thoughtful way.

Looking at the pictures on a computer screen will not feel the same way as holding the printed pictures in an album. You could add that personal touch and ensure you capture their hearts. Flicking through that pre-wedding album decades from now will remind them of the good times they had.
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