Choose The Best Hotel For Your Business Trip

Accommodation can make or break any trip. It is especially true for business trips. These out-of-town events are high pressure, stressful, and filled with every sort of pressure. This article will lay down every must-have services and amenities in a business hotel. It will also highlight services and amenities offered by the Hyatt Regency Chicago to give you an idea of what to look for.

Important Amenities and Services

Business trips should be worry-free. Given all the pressure that comes with this kind of trip, it is a must to find a hotel that does not add troubles during your stay. The following are essentials when selecting your hotel for a business trip:

Free Internet access

Everyone likes to be connected at all times nowadays. Businesspeople of all people needs connectivity 24/7. As previously stated, these trips are the most critical and important times. An ideal hotel set-up is one that offers free, reliable Internet connection. It would also be great if that free service can be availed in every corner of the hotel and not just on your room or the hotel lobby.

A wide selection of restaurants and rooms for meetings

Given that a business trip means meeting new people, it is a must to impress them while presenting your case. A hotel aplenty of places to dine and function rooms to conduct meetings and host potential and loyal clients is a great place to stay. 

Proximity to all essentials

Nobody likes running from one point to another. You know the importance of managing time well as a businessman. It is ideal to have an accommodation that is near to everything. The ideal place to stay is somewhere that is in the heart of the city. A hotel that’s close to the convention center, a train station, the airport, or the company you are visiting.

Amenities to unwind after a long day

A business trip is not all work. A businessman is allowed to lay back and gain back his sanity after a long, stressful working day. Hence, there is a need to choose accommodation that offers amenities for relaxation. A pool, a bar, and even a spa are some welcome additions to keep the pressure and stress away. It also ensures that you have the needed energy for another day of work the following morning.

Business Travel Hotel in Chicago 

The Hyatt Regency Chicago is a high-end, businesspeople-oriented hotel in the heart of Chicago. It is well-situated near the city’s Millennium Park, Magnificent Mile, and all of its convention centers. The hotel itself offers some of the best event/meeting spaces in the city. They have over 240,000 square feet of meeting and event space for you to utilize. They also have an event concierge who will assist you throughout the entire process, making planning that much easier.

Aside from being an event capable hotel, this Hyatt hotel also offers more for the individual business travelers. Businesspeople who need connectivity day and night can be comforted by the hotel’s free Wi-Fi connection. It is reliable and fast to keep you connected to work even outside your office. This service also allows you to keep your calendar synced with your home office and you can transfer documents easily to and from the headquarters. They have a business center with printers and other devices too. Click here to find out more about what makes this location great for business travelers.

The hotel also offers a wide range of selection of restaurants that are on-site to make getting a great meal easy. It is home to several of the city’s most well-known eateries like Stetsons Modern Steak + Sushi, The Living Room, and American Craft Kitchen & Bar. These restaurants offer international cuisines as well as delicacies made from farm-to-table American favorites.

Selecting a hotel for your next business trip should be an exciting task. Educating yourself and knowing your needs and wants would make your next business trip a memorable experience. A hotel that closes to every place you need to offer reliable and free Internet connectivity, and a place that is home to a great selection of restaurants and cafes are some things to consider to help make it a little fun and worry-free.
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