6 Tip for Mothers to Survive the Prom Dress Shopping Trip

If your daughter’s prom is coming up, and she needs a new dress. Chances are she will ask you to accompany her on the shopping trip. Honestly, who you expect her to call for help besides her mother? Yes, we understand this trip can be a little hectic. Therefore, we are sharing the following survival tips!

1.      Rest Well

You need to get a good night’s sleep for your big day. Shopping for a dress can take the whole day. So, you better start early and remain alert for the whole day. Lose your focus for a bit, and you might miss an opportunity. You need to tell the subtle changes in shade, length, neckline, and embellishments.

You need mental sharpness to go through various selections of prom dresses and pick the right one for your daughter.  

2.      Eat a Good Breakfast

You need whole grains and high protein to survive the ordeal. It's likely you will miss lunch. So, you need to eat well for the shopping trip. Just don’t yourself up or it will get in the way of your mobility. Yes, you can try some carb loading the night before. Lastly, make sure you hydrate yourself from time to time.

3.      Call in Help

If needed, call for help. Start with your daughter’s best friend. If not, then you can try your sister or the friend with style sense. The point is, get anyone who will help you survive this ordeal. Despite all your effort, you will glaze over at some point. This is when you need the other lady take care of things for you. Having someone to go on the trip will be a great help. They will help you go through a wide selection of prom dresses.

4.      Wear the Right Shoes

Skip this, and you will have a hectic day. You don’t want to cripple your feet. So, make sure you wear comfortable shoes or else you may lose your feet. Consider the fact that you are going to walk different shops, find one dress from a wide selection, and have your daughter try it out (several times), so you need something that will sustain your feet.

5.      The Shopping Supply Kit

It might sound like we are going overboard, we are not. Before you judge, you better read the items included in the list. They will make sure your trip is fruitful, and you survive the ordeal without a hitch.

·        Band-Aids
·        Snacks
·        Hair Accessories
·        Read Material for Fitting Room
·        Smelling Salt
·        Some Perform
·        Hat and Sun protection
·        An Extra Pair of Shoes

6.      Price Tags

Prepare your mind for the price tag shocks. Just tell yourself you are not going to overspend and make a budget. When going through cheap prom dresses, you will find some options that way over what you can afford.

Therefore, you need to do your research before hitting the streets. See which shops or brands are offering great options within your budget. Stick to them, yes you can try out some other options, but they are more likely to waste your time. So, save your breath.
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