Connect With Nature During A Trip To Costa Rica

Are you looking for a vacation destination that will get you up close and personal with the beauty of the natural world? Do you wish to see multiple types of landscapes during one trip? If so, consider Costa Rica for your next vacation. This land of diverse scenery will fill you with awe and wonder.

Experience the Biodiversity of Costa Rica

This small country in Central America is home to an enormous variety of plants, animals and types of scenery. You'll find lush forests, breathtaking beaches, winding rivers and impressive volcanoes. In fact, 5 percent of the biodiversity on the planet can be seen in Costa Rica.

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Depending on which areas you visit, you may have the opportunity to see sloths, fish, crocodiles or many other animals. There are nearly 1,000 bird species that live in Costa Rica.

Explore the Protected Areas 

About 25 percent of Costa Rica's land is dedicated to natural preservation. There are 29 national parks around the country. Additionally, Costa Rica has eight biological reserves and nearly 20 wildlife refuges.

Some of the highlights include:

·        Manuel Antonio National Park: This park along the Pacific Ocean is a great spot to check out the rainforests of Costa Rica.

·    Arenal Volcano National Park: The hiking trails around the base of a volcano make this park a popular destination.

·     Las Baulas National Marine Park: This waterfront park is home to the world's largest gathering of nesting leatherback sea turtles.

·    Barra Honda National Park: You can walk through the Terciopelo Cave at this national park.

·    Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge: To experience wetlands in Costa Rica, visit this ecologically important refuge.

Go on an Ecotourism Tour 

If you want to take in as many of the sights of Costa Rica as you can, consider booking a tour. The guides who run such tours are very familiar with the country and know how to show you as many of the highlights as possible during your time in Costa Rica.

In fact, for some of the country's natural areas, it's not recommended that you visit without a guide. For example, all visitors to the remote Barbilla National Park are advised to be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

Even if you're visiting the country's most popular areas, traveling with a tour guide will ensure that you make the most of your visit. Guides know where to find animals that like to hide, which bridges are the most fun to cross, and where to catch a zip line for a spectacular bird's-eye view of the rainforest.

Stay Close to Nature

You don't have to set up a tent in the jungle to fully immerse yourself in Costa Rica's natural environments. Thankfully, many Costa Rica hotels and resorts are conveniently situated in close proximity to natural wonders, including beaches, forests and volcanoes.

For example, the Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo Resort boasts two private beaches, and impressive bay views are available throughout the property. Both Santa Rosa National Park and Palo Verde National Park are within easy distance for an exciting day trip. Click here to find out more about this amazing resort you can book for your trip!

Costa Rica is rich with natural treasures. When you visit, be sure to bring a camera to capture memories of this beautiful land.
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