Global Education Issues: 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Statement of Purpose Review

A statement of purpose is one of the most important documents you will ever right. It is therefore essential that you get it correct because it will significantly impact on your life.

A good SOP is not that difficult to write. However, some mistakes may arise, hence the need for a statement of purpose review. Some of the more common errors that are usually made by people writing SOPs include:

1. Last minute operations:

The most significant mistake you could ever do is to work on your SOP at the last minute. Most students think that they can use a single night to come up with a good statement of purpose. It is a very wrong notion.

Try to spend at least one month brainstorming about what you will write on your SOP. If possible, draft and redraft your SOP until you are close to perfection; statement of purpose editing is critical in coming up with a great SOP.

2. Weak introductions and conclusions:

The opening in your SOP speaks volumes about you as an individual. First impressions are significant when it comes to writing an SOP. A boring introduction will make the committee reluctant to read through the rest of the pages.

How you end your SOP also matters because it is what the reader is most likely to remember. Pick something captivating that speaks volumes about you.

3. Informal languages and slang:

Professionals read your document essay; they expect that you will uphold professionalism to impress the committee. You should use formal and polite wording that depicts your level of seriousness.

Comb through your work to do a personal statement edit before handing in your essay.

4. Dwelling too much on backlogs:

Avoid dwelling too much on negativity. It is an unspoken rule that you should try as much as possible to stick to on only the positives. Avoid justifying your past failures. People will be more inclined to accept you if you show positive energy.

5. Exceeding the word limit:

The university in most cases will specify the word limit that is required. Not following the guidelines provided by the university will make the committee develop a bad taste towards you. Stick to the provided instructions.

6. Including irrelevant information:

Less is more. Do not overburden the committee with irrelevant details. The university panel has to go through many pages of your document. Giving too much of your personal information is not necessary, stick to only the essential points.

7. Making the SOP excessively flashy:

Remember to highlight your achievements and guard against being proud. Just be simple and straight to the message. Use formal fonts and avoid flashy and screaming fonts and colors.

8. Excessive flattery:

The university is aware of its achievements; it is therefore not essential to keep on highlighting the institutions' success. However, you could include the expectations you have for the university.

9. Being Dishonest:

Honesty is the best policy. As much as it is enticing, do not exaggerate the facts. Be truthful in your SOP. It speaks volumes about you as an individual.

10. Not proofreading and editing:

It is a cardinal offence to submit your essay with many errors. To be considered a serious candidate, make sure your work is free from mistakes. Always seek a second opinion before sending your work.

Keeping in mind the above, you will have an excellent statement of purpose.
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