What is Congregate Housing for Seniors and why should you choose it?

As you reach the age of superannuation, it is time to decide how you want to spend the rest of your life. Although it might seem like not a very big deal, you must know what options you have so that you can select your post-retirement lifestyle accordingly. While everyone prefers to live independently in their own way in a senior living facility, you have to understand what kind of life you prefer to lead because it influences your choice of housing.  Despite preferring to live independently, with age come some infirmities that do not allow you to perform all tasks on your own. You might need some assistance, no matter how small it might be to take you through your daily chores and in such cases, choosing some facility for assisted living is a good choice.

The attraction of assisted living:

The attraction of assisted living is not in the assistance and care you receive at the facility, but the joy of independent living surpasses everything because you can enjoy your favorite activities without any hindrance. The lifestyle choice you make determines the quality of life whether you stay alone or with your partner and it is, therefore, important to know the options available. In addition, you must know what you want so that you can match the offerings with your expectations to find out what suits you best.

Congregate housing:

If you are a sociable person, who loves to interact with people at the slightest opportunity then finding congregate housing would be best for you. Congregate housing is a form of assisted living, but it allows people to lead an independent life while enjoying the flavor of living in a community without affecting your freedom and privacy. Many people believe in paying back to society when they reach the twilight of their lives and for such people senior congregate housing provides ample opportunities for community work.

Although you will be living in an apartment of your own, you can participate in gardening and cooking for the residents by venturing out in the communal areas earmarked for such activities. The residents get enough scope to interact with one another that helps to develop social bonds and encourage exploring new activities for wider participation.

Pocket-friendly housing:

Congregate living facilities are different from other senior living options in the economic aspect too because these are subsidized facilities, either partially or fully. It means that congregation housing facilities are cheaper.  On-site availability of medical care is another specialty that makes this type of housing more convenient because such facility is not available in senior independent living facilities.  From general assistance in living to nursing care and memory care, all facilities are available except for extensive medical care.

Congregate living provides an option for a smooth transition from active work life to a lifeless active but more enjoyable. It provides the opportunity for remaining active and social while deriving the pleasure of doing something for the community that becomes your source of sustenance.
What is Congregate Housing for Seniors and why should you choose it? What is Congregate Housing for Seniors and why should you choose it? Reviewed by Pravesh Maurya on 05:04 Rating: 5

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