4 Life-Changing Productivity Habits

We like to believe that people who get a ton of things done during the day are superhuman, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In all honesty, the only thing they’ve done is mastered habits that help them improve their productivity.

If you’re finally ready to grab life by the horns and change your ways to become more productive, we can certainly help you accomplish just that.

Please learn and use these productivity habits and before long your life will become a lot more manageable. You’ll even achieve work/life balance.

Cleaning up Your Messy Workspace:

This productivity habit should seem obvious to many of us, but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked.

If you currently have a messy workspace, it’s going to be really hard to get things done.

Having paper strewn all over the place, huge piles of files all over your desk, and the empty wrappers from your fast food meal cluttering your desk make it nearly impossible to find what you need to accomplish important tasks.

By cleaning your desk and keeping on top of it, you’ll eliminate the frustration, anger, and hopelessness that many of us feel because of our messy desk. Add some greenery to your workspace! You can put some home grown flowers on your desk and you’ll see how instantly you’ll feel better!

Once you can comfortably sit at your desk without chaos and confusion blocking your path, you’ll feel open, free, and ready to work on your most pressing projects.

Ignore Daily Productivity Killers:

Throughout the day, there are so many potential distractions rearing their ugly heads.

We have to do everything in our power to avoid these major distractions because they will otherwise kill our productivity.

If you, unfortunately, get distracted easily during the workday, you need to turn off or ignore the following:

·         email
·         texting
·         personal phone calls
·         social media
·         your favorite websites
·         interoffice gossip

If you can manage to avoid these productivity-draining activities, you’ll suddenly find yourself getting all of your responsibilities taken care of early and having additional time to spare to work on other important projects that you normally ignore due to lack of time.

Work Less, Not More:

This might seem counterproductive, but many people actually get a lot more done when they start working less.

Why does this happen?

People tend to focus more when they only have a short, specific amount of time to get their work done. So by limiting the amount of time you have available to work, you’ll actually procrastinate a lot less and get more done at the same time.

Now if you have a regular 9-to-5 job, you’re going to be expected to show up for eight hours a day. So it might be hard to implement this strategy under those constraints.

So do your best to get everything done during the regular workday. Try to avoid overtime as much is possible. Unless you really don’t care about being productive because you’re looking to take advantage of the additional money that your employer is willing to pay to have you stay late and put in extra hours.

Just know that the longer you work, the less productive you are, and so you’re not going to be as effective if you put in those 80-100 hour work weeks.

Time Tracking:

Last but not least, the easiest way to improve your productivity is through time tracking.

Start using online timesheets by Clockspot to track all of your working hours.

When you have this data in front of you, you’ll see what time of the day you’re most productive, you’ll discover how much time you’ve put in on a particular project, and it will even help you bill your clients more accurately.


To become more productive during the workday, please adopt these for powerful productivity habits immediately.
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