Top Google Algorithmic Changes That will affect your rankings in 2018

Top Google Algorithmic Changes That will affect your rankings in 2018:-

Google Algorithms are complex maths and logical structures that are updated regularly to enhance the user experience. Page rank is the mathematical calculation done from the links of various sources linked to the page.  The caffeine updates in Google are about providing search results with relevance and greater speed. With Caffeine, the process of indexing, crawling, and providing search results has become faster. Google Panda and Google Penguin are of the major algorithms to look out for updates. The purpose of optimizing your pages as per the Google algorithm updates is that it eliminates black hat techniques.

Here Are The Top Google Algorithmic Changes That will affect your rankings in 2018 :-

1. Hummingbird algorithm:-

Before Hummingbird was created, search results were analyzed and displayed based on loosely created phrases and words. Hummingbird provides search results based on keyword phrases with accuracy. Pages that match the keyword and have spun and spam content are not recognized and ranked as per this algorithm.

Hummingbird algorithm makes the page ranking authentic by filtering out spam content inside the pages that only have exact keyword phrase match. This makes Google ranking of pages not only based on keyword phrase content but also on the original and structured content. Natural language is used by Hummingbird algorithm to rank a page based on keyword search. Using Google’s autocomplete feature, you can expand the keyword search. If you have a business that belongs to a niche market, Hummingbird updates will be more useful to boost your PageRank.

2. Rankbrain:-

Rankbrain is an algorithm based on artificial intelligence programming. It has been created to provide search results with accuracy. It is created in machine language and disciples a chunk of data in words and letters in logic and mathematics. Pages that have content that is relevant to the keyword search is produced by this algorithm and is a part of Google’s search algorithms. When you create original content and use backlinks and link building with pages that have higher authority, it gives your page a better page rank.  Rankbrain does not have a user-friendly front design and lacks a few features that are keyword specific.

3. Mobile Friendly:-

Mobile Friendly is an algorithm that boosts the search results made on mobile phones. Even if the pages are not SEO optimized, They Hukumat Networks is boosted for mobile search and results are provided speedily. Updates and guidelines of this algorithm give better page rank for mobile searches. It also speeds up the page load times that are displayed on mobile phones. 

4. Pigeon:-

For those who want to use local SEO can focus on the updates on Pigeon. You can use these updates to boost the local rank of your pages in the search engines. Map and local search based on location and distance are calculated to provide results. Make sure to optimize your web pages for mobile and map search for getting better page rank for local SEO. One of the best ways to optimize your web pages for boosting page rank is to post local listings on online directories and make the information about your local business available for map and local searches.

5. Exact Match Domain updates:-

Websites that had spun and spammy content, incorrect and improper URLs will be removed from the search results. This helps in boosting the page rank of your website as it will have a better visibility. Also, websites with wrong and irrelevant content that do not match the keyword searches will be removed from search results. This is an important update by Google as it helps your website get authentic page rank and make it stand out if it has original and relevant content.

6. Possum:-

Possum updates target location searches done and provides optimized results. Local businesses can find this update useful when they update the address and location of their business. Location searches done closer to the location of your business will also be displayed in the local search results. Use location-specific keywords for your local business and get a better page rank.

7. Fred:-

Fred recognized websites that have low-quality content and websites that violate Google webmaster guidelines. A few websites and blogs are created with the intent of generating revenue only and the focus is not on quality and relevance of the content. This filters out websites that have low quality and boosts PageRank of your website. Do not spam your website with too many ads and links and make it look like a revenue generating website. Make sure that the ads that appear on the web pages have quality content and information.

8. Panda:-

Panda looks for plagiarized and duplicate content and points it out to Google. You must perform regular site checks and ensure that no content is a user-generated spam or spun content. Make sure that the quality of content on your website is error-free and plagiarism free. Keep optimizing the content of your website for better page rank. E-commerce Businesses websites must try their best to use original images and keep the content and descriptions as original as possible. Blogs and websites can use tools like Copyscape to check the content before posting it on their websites and blogs to stay on the safer side.

9. Google Payday Update:-

The quality of search results is boosted with this update. If people have landed on your page and have not got the information about what they are looking for you have a reason to worry. It penalizes websites that use spam and illegal techniques to increase the traffic of the website.

This is an algorithm that is slightly different from other algorithm updates, though it has similar features. It penalizes the websites which are spammy and illegal. It is intended to increase the user experience and websites which have a high-quality content get a higher preference in the search results. Business owners can easily boost the page rank and find their target users and customers with this update.

10. Pirate update:-

Websites that violate copyrights are caught and reported to Google. It catches new websites that infringe the copyrights as per the DMCA guidelines. If you have improved your website, you are likely to escape from the filter. If you are using illegal techniques to increase the traffic to your website then you have a reason to worry about this update.This update protects the intellectual copyrights of the website and their content. Websites like music, movies, artworks, etc that contain illegal and copyrighted material are caught and penalized by this update.

Research the topics and provide informative content that keeps the users engages and gives them what they are looking for. Keep all the content of your website optimized and check with the Google algorithms regularly to stay away from penalties. You can boost the page rank of your website by following the updates and optimizing the website.
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