How to Use Content Marketing In Mobile App Development

How to Use Content Marketing In Mobile App Development:-

Content marketing describes the creation of education, business and secular information for the purpose of attracting an audience. It is a marketing approach that is long-term in nature. Its aim is to distribute relevant and valuable contents to attract and retain prospective customers.

Content marketing aims to stimulate reader’s interest in a brand, their product or services. Content marketing is a highly integral aspect of online marketing. Without content marketing, notable digital marketing options such as social media marketing, SEO, PPC and email marketing may not be so effective. It is important that mobile app Development Company provide valuable contents for free so as to gather audience or customers.

Knowing what your customers search for online will help in achieving a great result. Also, knowing the various questions they ask and the keyword they use in searching the internet will help in achieving a great result. The goal of mobile app Development Company is to develop contents that will attract new customers and also retain existing customers by providing quality information that surpasses that of your immediate competitors.

There are three major reasons why companies employ content marketing strategies; to increase sales, to help cut cost and to create better customers who are loyal to the companies' brand.

If your company does not have a content marketing strategy for this year then it is important you begin right away. 

Below are some of the content marketing channels used by mobile app Development Company?

1. Social Media: When you use social media for marketing your content is easily seen by many customers. Also, the more likes and shares the contents get the more it covers a large geographical location.

2. Video: Mobile app Development Company use platform like YouTube to showcase their new product. Creating video ads is very attractive thereby increasing the number of people that get to see your product visually.

3. One time publication: One time publications like newspapers is another medium for promoting your content.

4. Applications: Mobiles app, desktop widgets, social media apps, and games is another avenue for content marketing.

5. Educational: Journals, case study, project is used for content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy:- 

For a company to benefit from the gains of content marketing, it has to have a content marketing strategy. Content marketing strategy is a guideline that helps a company achieve its goal of increasing sales, cutting down on cost or creating more loyal customers. In order to develop an effective content marketing strategy, a company must answer the following questions;

1. What type of content should I produce: you should know the type of content to produce that will be of delight to your audience, the quality of your content will determine how frequent your customers will be eager to engage you?

2. The channel where it will be published: the channel which it will publish is very vital, if it will be through print (black and white) or if it will be published electronically. 

3. How to measure your key performance indicator (KPI): how to measure your performance if it by the number of clicks per article, traffic or by views on the web.

4. Learn how to meet the need of your customers: learn how to meet needs of your customers by knowing the types of content each class of customer wants.

How to distribute your content:- 

1. through your own channel: you can distribute your contents through your own blog, website, or through a forum site, you have developed just for that purpose.

2. Through paid channel: You can pay for your content to be distributed through an already established website or blogs with a good reputation.

3. Through the third party that finds your content very appealing.

4. Search engine (SEO) as an effective tool for content marketing

 Search engine optimization is the process by which website is optimized to get better ranking it is usually achieved by using keywords on specific pages. When keys words are used in content, it can easily be seen when a customer searches the keyword on Google or any other search engine, this can help in increasing the views of the articles or content if the customer finds it appealing they can come back to the site to read more contents. You can you use more keywords relevant to your blog or website so that any individual or customer that uses that keyword will go straight to your web or blog. 

8 ways mobile app development company use to improve content marketing:-

1. Outline the business goal for your content: outline what you need to achieve and the time frame you will achieve your goals.

2. Give information out for free: you should endeavor to give free information to your clients because no customer will want to pay for information he or she can get elsewhere.

3. Know your customer (KYC): know the needs of your customers don't classifying all your customers as equals, meets the need of your customers according to their class.

4. Know how to distribute and promote your content: find the best platform to distribute your content because a wrong channel of distribution can affect the number of people that can view your content.

5. Always meet with your team regularly: meet with your team regularly to know areas that need improvement, to know which team member is lacking behind and how to carry each and every one along. Motivate your team member so they will carry all tasks with utmost diligent.

6. Use attractive images: mobile app development company always use attractive images to give an illustration of what they expect the customer to view, in using images choose an image with attractive colors and appealing to the eyes.

7. Make your content evergreen: make your content evergreen, write content that will last over time, don't write content that is just for the moment, make sure your content will be relied on over a long period of time.

8. Ensure your content serve multiple goals: Ensure your content serve multiple purposes it can be used to educate and also entertain your customers.

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