Use Grit Blasting and the Shot Blasting Machines for Providing Finishing Touch to the Metals

Use Grit Blasting and the Shot Blasting Machines for Providing Finishing Touch to the Metals:-

The world of sandblasting is very interesting.  A forceful blast of some sort of cleaning media is forcefully ejected from a nozzle hose to the surface area where that media rubs it aggressively and cleans the target surface.  Sandblasting has not just one but many ways which help you get the best out of both cleaning and finishing material comfortably and speedily. 

Gone are the days when sandblasting was done that promoted deadly silicosis exposure in the atmosphere to the workers.  However, now shot blasting incorporates better blasting substances and there are many different ways in which we can accomplish our cleansing.  If you want to strip or even out the surface of materials, or just like a perfect finish or refurbishing smaller items, both shot blasting and grit blasting will fit the bill.

Although both shot blasting and grit blasting are two different techniques, yet they come under the bracket of sandblasting.  Here we have the important purposes of different media:

Acrylic Plastic:  This media is a soft plastic abrasive for ultra-sensitive surfaces usually to provide gentle stripping from gentle parts and versatile metal sheets of cars, aero planes, trucks, marine vessels vans, etc.  It has an effective strip rate.

Corn Cob Grit:  Corn cob is a biodegradable blast media that will not harm the surface being blasted.  It is better for wooden surfaces and thin metals and plastics.

Walnut Shells:  These are soft media for gentle areas which are best only to remove foreign material and coatings without scratching the surfaces or marring them.

Aluminum Oxide:  This grit is a recyclable sharp abrasive media used in the aggressive cutting and cleaning of material.  Suited before repainting, this hard media removes heavy foreign matter from surface, used for de-burring, etching glass and lettering stone.  It is harder than most media and will penetrate even the hardest surfaces.

Glass Beads:  They create a softer, brighter tone to the surface and offer peening, honing, cleaning and light deburring.  Available in different sizes, they can remove small surface imperfections, treating softer metals, i.e. brass, bronze and aluminum giving them a matte finish. They are recyclable up to 30 times.

Melamine Plastic:  This hard plastic grit is used for applications warranting a high stripping rate without damage to the sub-surface like steel, copper, wires, molds, gears, etc.

Pumice:  It is a very gentle medium, the softest of all the blasting media yet it has good stripping properties.  Soft surfaces of wood thresholds, and balustrade can be treated before polish.

Silicon Carbide Grit:  This hardest media is used on thick metal surfaces like car accessories, bulletproof jackets, tough areas.  Since this media is very hard, it requires less blast times and makes for lower overall cost of labor. 

Steel media can be grouped into grit and shot:-

Steel Grit Blasting Media:  Steel grit is angular carbon steel to scrape surface contaminants from metals.  It is softer than Aluminum Oxide but forms tiny etched pits to form a surface superior for adhesion of paints and coatings.

Steel Shot Blasting Media:  Steel shot is good for peening applications so that a smooth and polished finish is obtained.  This media can be used up to 3000 times and offers greater compressive strength of the metal.

It all depends upon what surface you want to treat or how you like it to finish i.e. whether you want to repaint it or have a matte look.  Various media have various results but it finally rests upon you what is best for your metal.
Use Grit Blasting and the Shot Blasting Machines for Providing Finishing Touch to the Metals Use Grit Blasting and the Shot Blasting Machines for Providing Finishing Touch to the Metals Reviewed by Pravesh Kumar Maurya on 22:11 Rating: 5

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