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Moving is a challenging task that is tiresome and costly, especially if you prefer hiring a moving company. That is why many people who are now planning on moving are responsible for doing the task themselves. Even though it might sound impossible to move without the help of a moving company, all you need is a reliable guide that can help you with each step. Therefore, if you want to save money and succeed in moving on your own without the help of moving professionals, here are a few tips to help you out.


1. Ask Friends And Relatives To Assist You

Do it yourself does not mean that you move without seeking any help. It means you can move without having to pay for assistance. Therefore, since moving companies will not offer you free services, look for friends and relatives who are willing to assist you for free. Moreover, make sure that you seek reliable help to avoid last-minute conveniences. Moreover, once you create a list of helpers, make sure that you remind them in advance to prepare themselves. If you don’t find any helper on time, you should always choose a moving company. You may have to spend some money, but movers will always show on time and make your move stress free.


2. Storage Solutions

The second thing you should do is look for storage solutions such as boxes and containers. Boxes are considered to be the best moving storage solution. Therefore, shop for boxes of different sizes so that you can pack everything you need. Also, estimate the number of boxes you need not end up buying too many or less.  You will also need a marker pen for labeling the boxes once you are done packing.


3. Rent A Moving Trailer Or Truck

It is vital that you consider transportation in advance, especially if you plan to move during peak season. You need to make sure that you get a truck that can carry everything you have. Moreover, it should also have enough space for you and your family not to move alone. Therefore, make sure that you consider the following factors when choosing a moving truck; the size of the truck, hiring cost, as well as the return and pick-up center.


4. Do Not Carry What You Do Not Need

Moving becomes more challenging when there is a lot of stuff to carry. Moreover, having many things to carry means that you will need considerable space to store them. Therefore, to avoid such challenges, you might want to get rid of things that you do not need to have enough space to carry what is essential. Moreover, having fewer assets to carry will cost you less. You can get rid of the things you do not need either by giving them away or selling them.



5. Buy Or Hire Moving Equipment

Besides moving boxes and containers, there are other moving equipment and tools that you will need, such as furniture dolly, 4-wheel dolly, appliance dolly, furniture pads or blankets, tie-downs, and extra straps. Most of this equipment can be bought at the local store, and you can decide to buy them and use them each time you plan to move. However, if you are not willing to buy these tools, you might as well rent them because they will help you move safely.


6. Start Packing Early

It is advisable that you start packing early when the moving day finally comes. Remember to remind your helpers a day before so that they can arrive early. Also, make sure that you create enough space in each room so that it can be easy to remove everything without any problems. Lastly, make sure that there is lighting in each room so that everything can clearly be seen. Once you are done packing, remove some of the things from the house and load them on the truck.


7. Start The Journey Early

Driving at night can be stressful, especially if you are moving to a new place. Therefore, you must start your journey early so that you can arrive at your desired destination before the night falls. If you plan to drive during the night, make sure that your truck is in good condition, especially the headlights, so that you can clearly see the road.



Moving has always been considered to be a job of professional moving companies. However, with these tips, anyone planning to move can successfully do so without the assistance of moving professionals.

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