4 Precious Metals To Add To Your Assets

Metal has always been a major player in our daily lives. It’s used in virtually every aspect of our existence. It’s used in our cars, in windshields on airplanes, on our fingers or even soaring above us in geosynchronous orbit at 35,786 kilometres. Metal is everywhere. As is always the case with anything, some metals are more valuable than others. Here are some examples of precious metals that hold their value. 


Believe it or not, platinum is rarer than gold, even though gold is more expensive. Part of that is due to the fact that platinum is mined considerably less than gold. A usual yearly haul of platinum is around 170 tonnes, where gold is closer to 1600 tonnes per annum. Not only that but platinum is considerably more dense than gold and since precious metals are valued by weight, this makes it a highly sought after metal. If that wasn't enough reason, platinum is widely used in the industry. You’ll find it in use for things such as fine resistance wires, medical instruments and dentistry among others. It's even used in combination with cobalt to create very strong permanent magnets. Oh yeah, and it's as gorgeous as a wedding band by itself as it is with a diamond mounted in it.


Ah gold, the versatile metal that's as useful in making your vows as it is in turning on your smartphone. Gold is everywhere, in everything. It is truly ever present in our culture as well as our economy, tech sector and even space exploration. The fact that this metal dominates every facet of our lives is what makes it just so valuable. From the gold in a hip hop artist’s tooth to the paperclip on a dossier, we use it for everything. Investing in gold is always a good idea in the long run. If you’re interested in adding gold to your assets, it's a good idea to buy gold from Brisbane dealers today.


Palladium is new on the scene when compared to its father platinum and other precious metals such as gold and silver. It was only fully discovered in 1803 by English chemist William H. Wollaston. But that doesn't make it any less valuable. This metal has a number of uses that you probably wouldn't think of that make it a strong investment. By far and wide, palladium is used most in your automobile. Where is it you ask? It's in your catalytic converter. Aside from that, palladium is a metal in high demand. It’s used in the process of making white gold, the production of medical equipment and even dentistry.


Who doesn’t love silver? This majestic metal has been a centrepiece in almost every culture on planet Earth. Aside from its obvious uses in jewellery, coins and tableware - silver is a cornerstone in many industries. In fact, you literally see it everyday. That's right, silver is the primary additive to mirrors as a result of its reflective nature. In fact, it’s the most reflective compound we know of to date. So next time you're brushing your teeth or doing your hair, think about the silver you added to your assets, that mirror helps it hold its value.

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