Moz Rank is a Major Factor in Search Engine Optimization

What is MozRank

Moz Rank is a metric which is used to measure the quality of a certain website or one of its web pages. In other words, it is used to measure the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 10 so it’s easy to improve the score from 2 to 3 than it is to improve from 7 to 8.

Moz rank was developed by Moz, a software development company that allows people to check the popularity of their website and effectiveness of their Search Engine Optimization strategies through the score.

It also reveals whether the back linking to your site is optimizing your website for search engines or not. On the other hand, you can evaluate the SEO performance of other websites as well.In addition to that, you can evaluate the overall popularity of your website with Moz rank.
Moz Rank is dependent on the number and quality of back links your website gets from other sites and whether they are organic or not. These are the features that are factored in by Moz Rank to check for your score.

Moz Rank is similar to but not quite the same as domain authority, another criteria of checking a website’s importance in Search Engine Result pages of various Search Engines.

Moz Rank Checker

However, to accomplish any task, one has to have a tool at their disposal relevant to the task at hand, in this case, the Moz Rank Checker, an online software tool available over the web via different websites like Prepostseo.

These Moz Rank evaluators are usually available for free over the web and are user friendly and do not require technical knowhow of their use. All you have to do is paste the given Website’s URL and click the relevant execution button to find out the site’s Moz rank.

While you can check your own website’s Moz Rank, you can also do so for other websites as well. That helps you determine a lot of things, one of them being that you can follow the marketing or content strategies of other websites that have higher Moz Rank score.

Rank Score: The Good, the Bad and the Average

Well, it’s already known that the scale of rank lies between 0 and 10 and that makes it somewhat obvious that the score around 5 would be average while score above 5 would be considered good and below 5 would be bad.

However, according to the real world example, a score of 3 can be considered an average with scores higher than 3 start showing relatively better search engine optimization with the highest score achievable being 10.0 and the lowest possible being 0.00 but as the scale is logarithmic, it becomes increasingly difficult to improve score as it gets higher.

For newer websites, the score is usually somewhere between 0 to 2 depending on their engagement while average websites hover around below and up to the score of 5.

After that, it takes an entire campaigning for your site’s popularity to increase its score and it becomes only tougher with each next digit. Only the most popular of popular websites have MozRank scores higher than 5.
To give you a perspective, Google has the MozRank score of 8.81 while Facebook has the MozRank score of 8.38.

Scoring Criteria

The scoring criteria of MozRank is one of the most sought after questions. Surprisingly, the scoring criteria set by Moz for its page ranking software is rather very simple. It’s the quality and quantity of back links that your website receives from other sources.
If your website has back links from other very high quality websites and the number of back links is also significant then be assured that your website’s or webpage’s Mozrank will be satisfyingly good. The MozRank score and the quality and quantity of the back links your website receives, are corresponding. 

Means to improve Moz Rank

Moz Rank is largely dependent on the number of back links and quality of those back links on your website. As Moz analyses your back links and features them in ranking, there are plenty of authorized ways to improve your MozRank.
First, consider getting links from web pages that share content that is relevant to your own. However, keep it real and do not delve in illicit link wells, they may look attractive but must be avoided.
Secondly, search for blog websites that allow for public comments. Make sure that the blog website shares content that is relevant to yours. Start putting comments on these blogs from your website. Also, make sure to enter your website URL while you publish a comment.
On the other hand, write blog posts for related and popular blogger websites. You can publish blogs when you have the spare time.By taking steps like these, you can rerun MozRank checker and feel the difference.

Social Media Signature

Social Media Signature refers to having presence on giant social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Further, try engaging the people by sponsoring your social media pages and putting up quality content actively. Social media greatly affects the Moz Rank in a very positive way.

Concluding Remarks

Getting a reasonable Moz Rank is not too difficult and not too easy. It is however, worth your effort. New websites would take decent amount of time before they start getting good traffic until then, it takes effort marketing your website in a global network where competition is high.

The key is perseverance, just keep updating your website, keep putting up quality content on your web pages and linked social media accounts. Keep writing blogs and keep making your domain visible with public comments and you are sure to get a good Moz Rank over time and once your Moz Rank is above 3, you will really start reaping the fruit of your efforts.
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