Purchasing the Right Crepe Maker for Yourself

Crepes are one of the best dessert options for everyone. They can be made with ease and are preferred by a lot of people. A number of different recipes are available for making crepes with different filings.

When you are looking for a crepe in London, you will find different restaurants and hotels offering a wide variety of crepes on their menu. Today, various restaurants use crepe makers to make crepes for their customers. Crepes makers not only can cook you a variety of crepes, but also allow you to serve them faster to your customers.

Before purchasing a crepe maker for your restaurant, you need to look for a few things to choose the best one. This can allow you to save money and also assist you in cooking different recipes and make use of your kitchen space.

Crepe Makers

When you are looking for a crepe machine, you will find machines that run on gas or electricity. Electric crepe machine units are more power-efficient and can allow you to save a bunch of energy in the longer run. They are portable as they can be plugged in anywhere in case you want to move it. However, the same is not possible with a gas-operated crepe maker unit. It needs a gas line, which makes it less portable, but it also heats faster than its electric counterpart does.

The machines can vary in size and functionality. Crepe machines can be found in two versions, single or dual. A dual version is optimal for you if you have a high amount of crepe orders each day. It can take some space in your kitchen, so you might need to move a few things around. On the other hand, if you only serve a limited number of crepes each day, the single version will work the best for you as it will also allow you to save on your kitchen space.

Size and temperature range are both important things that need to be checked before getting the crepe maker unit. A bigger temperature range means that you can cook recipes that require higher or lower temperatures. Depending upon the space available in your kitchen, you can then find a unit that best suits your requirements. Most commercial crepe makers have a size of 15 ¾” or 16”, however, you can also find smaller or larger units.

The crepe makers also usually have one thing in common that is the cast iron griddle or the cooking surface. It is used as it is able to hear more evenly and consistently than steel or aluminium alloys, allowing speciality crepes to be cooked better. These are able to last a long time depending upon how they are handled. The non-stick griddle plates are also a great option for light application work, where you do not want to put much time or effort to search the crepe maker’s griddle plate.

By purchasing a good crepe maker, you will be able to serve better crepes to your customers at a huge profit.
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