10 Websites for Finding the Best Remote Jobs

With the incredibly increasing rate of unemployment, most of us have switched to self-employment. The business has become one of the best fallback plans. However, some lack enough resources and start remote jobs such as writing jobs online, an excellent option for freelance work. 

Remote jobs have become popular since they are reliable and flexible. A remote job will help you land a more flexible schedule free from the daily commute. It can also help you land your dream remote job that will enable you to leave your home to travel the world; then you are at the right place. If you are in search of the best remote job, sit back, relax, and take a glimpse of the 10 Websites for Finding the Best Remote Jobs.

      1.       FlexJobs

This site is well-curated not only for remote jobs but also suits part-time, freelancers, and flexible gigs. It's an easy-to-navigate site without unnecessary ads pop-ups. You don't have to worry about scammers since they scrutinize the legitimacy of every job that comes their way. 

FlexJobs isn't free for remote job seekers, but it offers excellent rates for high-quality and tremendous access that they provide. Also, you might be given a discount if you linger obscurely for long on their payment screen.  

      2.       Angel List

If you ever dream of joining an impressive and an upcoming company, Angel List is among the best remote job sites for you. All kinds of startup companies, both brand new and established, usually search for remote talents on this site. Some of the incredible features of this site include:

  • Discretion- Only the companies that you apply to know you are in a job hunt
  • Salary transparency- each remote job posting states the annual salary on the top

       3.       SolidGigs

This site emphasis clearly shows that they are after those searching for contract-based or gig-style remote jobs. SolidGigs staff understands that for freelancers, "time is money" and hence, they must help frame your job hunting. The SG team scrutinizes many freelance job boards and forwards the best 1% direct to your inbox weekly. Besides, a monthly membership fee gives you access to a vast resource library with templates, interviews, courses, scripts, as well as other different tools. The primary objective is to help you get more freelance jobs, high-profile pitch clients, bargain your rates and develop your freelancing business.

      4.       Remote.Co

This remote jobs platform is well-split into different categories, and distinctively shows each posting's timestamp. This website has been creating a strong foundation as a reliable resource for job seekers and employers. It has attracted the attention of some of the popular tech companies. It offers some excellent resources for remote job seekers inclusive of an incredible Q&A platform patronized by a supportive and collaborative community with daily content on how to get your dream job.

      5.       Remotive

This remote jobs platform is fairly standard since you can search across all categories, including marketing. It's easy to see whenever there's job listing, the location, and the type. Unlike SolidGigs, this website is unique in that it's a community. Rodolphe, the founder of Remotive, has a great personality and relevant experience. He is offering essential info and incredible advice to his community via interviews, email newsletters, and webinars bi-monthly to help everyone land better remote jobs. You can join this site for free.

      6.       Jobspresso

It's still a wonder why Jobspresso is still free since each of their remote jobs is hand-picked and thoroughly scrutinized by a skilled team. Companies that post their jobs on Jobspresso likely pay to get their jobs featured on top of remote jobs boards. While this may seem reasonable and accurate, it's quite an inconvenience considering the high-quality jobs available on this platform. 

      7.       HubStaff Talent

HubStaffTalent has made a great reputation by merging quality companies that major in offering remote jobs with excellent talent. Like LinkedIn, you need to create a profile free of charge and gain access to plenty of new jobs posted daily. Some gigs like "Instagram Specialist" start with few dollars hourly that later span to six-figure and so, this site is also an excellent resource for those in search of a quick side hustle. 

      8.       Working Nomads

Working Nomads offer free registration after which you get a professionally-organized list of remote jobs sent direct to your inbox, either weekly or daily. If you don't like emails, the site is easy-to-navigate and color-coded by category. Despite that their remote jobs range from Design to HR to Legal, most jobs are for Development, making this website an excellent hub for software engineers.

       9.       Skip the Drive

Skip for the Drive has a filtering system that makes your remote job hunting quicker. Their remote jobs are split into various categories that you can sort by relevance, date, location, and part-time or full-time. This website also links remote jobs from other higher job-listing sites. This saves you a lot of time and offers more options than most sites.

       10.   We Work Remotely

This remote job platform is divided into different categories like Customer Service, Programming, Product Jobs, Business Management, Copywriting, and much more. WWR is a super initiative and easy-to-navigate website. You should also know that this board was among the very first remote job platforms. Amazing, its stills one of the most visited sites for remote jobs.

The above list will help you unlock your doors and do what you love most. You don't have to suffer working for corporate companies that pay pennies and keep piling debts. With an excellent remote job, you will gain financial freedom and enjoy earning while at the comfort of your home or while traveling. 
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