Himalayan Salt Lamps for Migraines – Here is how it Works

Himalayan salt lamps for migraines became necessary after health experts have found that the most polluted air we breathe is usually from the places we eat, sleep and work. We spend so much time in our homes and offices that are covered with walls and frosted glass, it became necessary that a Himalayan salt lamp for migraines are the right type of lighting we need if we are to purify the air around us consistently.

How did we come to need Real Himalayan Salt Lamps for Migraine? 

They became necessary when people started finding out they can no longer keep their home environment-friendly and clean for human behavior. In other words, certain social habits have crept in which has destabilized the right kind of living we should have had.

For example, we have the negative and positive ions hovering the air in our surrounding. The positive ions are the harmful elements in our ventilation a system that causes stress, disorders, migraines and a host of other elements the free radicals it produces in the body create.

With our electronic devices, we have been able to heighten the number of positive ions on our system to a specific rate that it becomes a problem. To counteract the effects of the positive ions in our body, we need negative ions.

Negative ions are the unique type of element in the air we breathe that mitigates the number of radiation effects we get from watching televisions, laptops, phones and using many other electronic devices. Without it, headaches, allergies, stress will affect us in a much severe way than we could have imagined.

How did we Come to Need this Salt Lamp?

First, of, migraines are caused by a lot of factors including stress. But a lot of them can be waved off by exercising the body. While that may reduce the effect for some time, it doesn't eliminate it.

Using a salt lamp is like going to the beach and perceiving the fresh salt air in the atmosphere. We both know how calming that experience can be in the long run.

Real Himalayan salt lamps are only mined and manufactured in the Punjab region of Pakistan. In that way, it is as natural as the salt air we breathe on the beach. Negative ions can only be produced by nature. When coming very close to nature like the lamp or the beach, they balance the amount of positive and negative ion in our system.

Allergies, insomnia, ADHA, nervousness are some of the products of many positive ions in the system. Without any negative ion in place, it becomes difficult to handle for anyone.

How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help to Stop the Migraines?

How it works

The salt lamp purifies the air in any room covered with walls or even a frosted glass, but that is not all. Our television or laptops carry frequency as much as 100-160 Hz, while our brains can only take 8Hz of that radiation. The rest causes us dizziness, migraines and lack of concentration.

A Himalayan salt lamp, when placed by the side of this electronic device, reduces the amount of effect it should have had on the individual (considering the amount of time spent) Kids no longer have to act disorderly, carry on a certain migraine after watching the TV and much more.

Weather triggers that create allergies for most people can receive help from this salt lamp. They calm the nerves and allow the user to fight off free radicals hoping to stress out brain thereby causing a headache.


Dehydration is one of the causes of severe headache in the body because it is the body’s way of telling the brain that it has lost a certain amount of electrolyte because the body is short of fluid.

The lamp will help the body replenish those lost electrolytes with minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the air and body.


Certain activities like smoking, staying in an air-conditioned environment for long hours have helped in contributing to the number of positive ions in a person’s well-being, this, in turn, leads to a migraine.

Without a dose of negative ions from the salt lamp, certain complications are bound to happen that will not be favorable to the individual even when they seek help from a health practitioner simply because nature cannot be cheated.

In conclusion

Himalayan salt lamps for migraine might be one of the best solutions to get rid of those migraines, triggers, and allergies you are currently having. It is always that we must visit the beach and other places of nature, but we can always have a Himalayan salt lamp for migraine at our beck and call.

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