4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Marriage, it happens, a priori, only once in our life. It is therefore perfectly normal that we do not always know how to navigate it. The engagement ring is an integral part of this organization. Many questions arise about the choice of metal, the shape of the stone or the size of the ring tower. Here are some tips to enlighten you and inspire you throughout this thorny step.

Take an interest in what she likes

The engagement ring must remain timeless over the years. It is a jewel that the bride will wear on a daily basis and which must, therefore, suit her. Look at her jewelry box, the size of her rings, that you can compare with a table in this style, color, to get an idea of her tastes. If she wears accessories only occasionally, turn to someone around her who can point you to a particular type of ring. Do not hesitate, during a romantic stroll, to window shop to understand what seems to attract her. Although the majority of women confess to prefer a loner, no law or rule exists in this area. Many other stones, as pretty and less expensive, can make the happiness of your beloved. Segal jewelry – black diamond ring is another option to consider.

Set a budget

It's important to find the right balance between your budget and what might please you. The price of the jewel will depend on the type of metal chosen as well as the size and regularity of the diamond or stone. It is sometimes difficult to know what you want to offer when the world of jewelry is totally unknown to us. Once you have an idea of what she likes, do not hesitate to seek advice from online jewelery sites or to go directly to a jeweler who will take the time to answer your questions and you orient towards models corresponding to your expectations.

Thinking about the wedding

When choosing the engagement ring, another element comes into play: the wedding ring. Indeed, it is important to choose two models that can fit perfectly on the hand of your future wife. Do not hesitate to watch, during your visit to the jeweler's shop, the various models proposed for the engagement and the wedding, perhaps a finery will fill you up and that you will not thus need to make two different choices.

And why not colored stones?

The diamond is eternal, but do you think of other stones? There are no rules for imposing diamonds, so why not crack for citrine, peridot, or solitaire rose gold and morganite and beautiful pink shade?

If you or half of you are committed to values such as ecology, or respect for the human condition, and want to choose the material that is as pure as your feelings, open a house that highlights these responsible steps and choose eco-friendly and ethical gems. Recycled gold, the strict selection of suppliers, respect for environmental and human standards, all important points when choosing the jewel of life.
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