Various Dental Cosmetic Changes/Treatments and Their Cost

A beautiful smile is a joy forever. It is a great confidence booster and assists in setting up a positive first impression.

But not everyone is blessed with a million-dollar and well-aligned smile and it is this craving for achieving the smile of one’s dreams that the cosmetic dentistry emerged to the forefront.

While the traditional dentistry primarily focusses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral ailments and oral hygiene, the cosmetic dentistry deals more with improving the appearance of the smile.

The cosmetic dentistry is also responsible for providing the oral functional perks of restoration. For example, dental fillings happen to be quite common procedures that are used for treating decayed teeth.

Previously, most of the dental fillings were composed of amalgam, gold and other materials. As a result of that, visible dark spots were left on the teeth.

But today, most of the fillings are mainly made of different types of composite or porcelain materials which match with the colour of the teeth and hence are considered to be part of cosmetic dentistry.

So if you are looking for changing the way your smile looks, here are the various cosmetic dental procedures as well as their costs to give you a fair idea about this domain. Just take a look.

      ·         Teeth Whitening – The teeth whitening can be one of the most affordable and simplest ways for improving the smile. The teeth can be bleached with the in-office products in the dental clinic.  You can also purchase the molds and bleach from the office of the dentist for bleaching your teeth at home.  You can also purchase whitening products over-the-counter that include rinses, toothpaste for whitening and white strips. The advanced Zoom whitening treatment ranges between Rs. 12,000-15,000 approximately while the home whitening cost is around Rs. 7000 approximately.
      ·         Dental Veneers – The coveted Hollywood smile can be obtained without much effort these days thanks to the advancement of dentistry. The veneers are thin porcelain pieces that can be bonded to the teeth to create the look that you want. Veneers can come to your help when you want to change the shape or the colour of one tooth or multiple teeth in your mouth. The veneers can also be the option for people who have used braces but have not got the desired results and so willing to go through orthodontic treatment again. This is a versatile process, but it is a bit more expensive that the teeth whitening. The cost of porcelain veneers in India can range between Rs. 8000-15,000 per tooth. This varies on the basis of the type of brand material and quality of the veneers used as there are various materials available today.
    ·     Composite Bonding – The broken, chipped, decayed or discolored teeth can have their appearance corrected or get repaired with the help of composite bonding. A dental composite material with the look of the enamel and the dentin is applied into the cavity or onto the tooth surface when you opt for the composite bonding procedure. There the bonding is sculpted into shape and toughened with light of high-intensity. As a result, you get a teeth restoration that blends impeccably with the surrounding tooth structure for creating a magnificent smile.  The cost of composite bonding is around Rs. 25,000 per tooth. You should, however, know the pros and cons of bonding prior to opting for it.

      ·         Crowns and Bridges – The crowns and bridges are also known to be tooth restorations. They are used in smile therapies for repairing the damages or missing teeth. The crowns completely cover the teeth for both restoring their appearance and protecting them against any further decay. The bridges fill the areas that the missing teeth have left and they servee as the less-pricey and less-durable counterparts of the tooth implants. The cost of crowns lies between Rs. 20,000-50,000 approximately while that of bridges ranges between Rs. 9000-30,000 approximately depending on the material of the bridges.
      ·         Tooth Coloured Fillings and Inlays and Onlays – Fillings are no more unsightly and awkward. The tooth coloured fillings are hardly noticeable. The fillings, under certain circumstances, can be fabricated from composite materials or porcelain in a dental lab. These will match with the colour of the teeth more closely. When attached to the surfaces of biting, these are known as outlays while those applied to the inside of the teeth are known as inlays. The cost of fillings ranges between Rs. 500-1500 per filling. Usually, it depends on the area of the tooth to be covered.

     ·         Dental Implants – The dental implants are titanium replacements of tooth roots and they are inserted on the bone socket of the missing tooth. The jaw bone while healing grows around the metal post that is implanted, anchoring it securely around the jaw and offering a foundation for replacement of the tooth. A single implant along with the crown or cap can cost around Rs. 35,000-45,000 on the basis of the types and brands of the implant.

Apart from the above, there are also other options of cosmetic dentistry like gum therapy and aligners which your dentist, whom you can find by typing cosmetic dentistry near me in your search engine, can recommend you if he needs arises. Smile makeover treatments can apparently seem to be a bit costly but once you opt for them you do not only retrieve your smile but also your self-confidence and they will last for years together if maintained well.  That is why cosmetic dentistry is such a popular branch of dentistry these days.
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