7 Accessories that Compliment your Look in Every Season

Accessories act as add-ons to your look. They are the additional accents that complement any ensemble to create a cohesive outfit. Whether your style is classic chic, edgy statement, or minimalistic; there are accessories to cater to all your needs. Your accessories can transform your look and take your style factor up a notch.

Accessories are a crucial aspect of your outlook. They can make or break your look. If you do it right, you have an instant upgrade, and if you do it wrong, you are possibly ruining your whole outfit. While seasons may change, there are certain things that remain constant. Accessories change with seasons as well, but there are some of them that remain a staple all year round.  
Following is a list of accessories that should be a part of your wardrobe all year round.

1.     Good Quality Belts

The right belt can take the basic look of an average pair of jeans to something that is effortlessly cool, chic, and classic. Waist belts cinch the waist and look particularly good when paired with a dress or worn over a long shirt. For regular everyday wear, a skinny belt looks great when paired with dress pants or jeans. For men, no outfit is complete without a belt. Be it for work, a formal gathering or a casual day out, belts tie the whole look together.
Choose from an array of belt straps and buckle designs depending on your preference, need, and occasion. The easiest way to amp up any look, belts are essential must-have items that never fail to uplift your attire.

2.     Jewelry

Everyone’s taste in jewelry is different. Some like to go for bold; others like to keep it simple. What makes jewelry an essential item is their versatility as they can be worn in a variety of settings. Studs are universally flattering. They complement every face shape, every style aesthetic, and work for all kinds of occasions. Additionally, studs can be flaunted by people of all ages. This timelessly classic item is one that never goes out of style, so you never have to worry about it being outdated or old.
If you are looking for something versatile that goes with everything in your closet, invest in a pair of silver, gold and rose gold-hued studs. Pearls are another great choice as well. Similarly, minimal necklaces, bracelets, and rings are something that you should collect as they always look fashionable and stylish.

3.     Comfortable Everyday Shoes

Who doesn’t love flats? For everyday wear, there is nothing more durable, practical, comfortable, wearable or versatile as flats. If you are looking for good quality, chic, and versatile flats, invest in a neutrally toned pair such as black, chocolate brown, or nude beige. These colors pair well with an array of hues, so rest assured that they will come in handy.

You can play with textures when picking out your favorite pair of flats. From chic leather to soft velvet to fuzzy suede, your choice of material makes a huge difference in your overall shoe experience. When it comes to shoe styles, the safest bets would be mule flats or ballerina flats.
For men, the classic styles are the forever favorites. For work and formal settings, there is nothing that compares to the deliciously chic oxford shoe. For casual settings, loafers and chukka shoes are super flattering. If however, you are looking for an alternative that is more outgoing and bold, get yourself a good old pair of boots.

4.     Classic Bags

Regardless of who you are and what you do, you need good bags to carry your everyday items. Bags are a must-have accessory. Otherwise how else do you plan on keeping all your essentials with you when you are on the go? Your bag is more than an accessory; it is a part of your outfit.
A smart bag makes the perfect accessory. For a flawless everyday look, a chic leather tote bag is the one for you. Wearable, dependable and spacious, a tote bag looks good with everything. For added variety, long strap cross body bags are particularly hot right now. If you want to go hands-free, this is the one for you.
However, if you need a bigger bag to fit in laptops, files, and other documents and want to look stylish, then go for the messenger bag. Sexy and attractive, messenger bags can prove to be an excellent pick for you. If you are a student, backpacks are cute too. Invest in a good bag because it will last for years.

5.     Chic Sunglasses

A beautiful pair of shades bring with them a certain poise and prowess and make you look classy and sophisticated. Sunglasses are excellent accessories. Not only do they protect your eyes from the rays of the sun but they do a fantastic job of hiding tired eyes.
A universally flattering style for you is the classic aviator. Edgy, sporty and cool, aviators are super versatile. Just like your clothes, your sunglasses are a part of your outfit. If you wear the right pair, you can make or break your look.

6.     Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is a piece that can be sported all year round. There is something so unapologetically bold and beautiful about a leather jacket that we cannot get enough of them. Their ability to take a look from basic to banger is admirable.

You could be wearing anything, and all you need to take your look up a notch is a simple leather jacket. Women’s and genuine leather jacket mens are an absolute treat and an investment. This is because a leather jacket can last you for decades if you take care of them in the right manner. 
Find the style that vibes best with yours if you are looking for an accessory that can be sported all year round.

7.     Statement Hats

Hats are super elegant yet edgy. They are specific and definitely not something that everyone has the heart to sport with confidence, but they make an impression like no other. Whether it is a basic straw hat, a sexy fedora, or a baseball hat, they help you add the uniqueness in your looks.

Accessories speak volumes about your style aesthetics and preferences. Trends change but the accessories stay the same. Learn the art of making good use out of them all year round. Curate a new look every time by switching your embellishments. You would be astounded at the drastic difference they make to your look and style.
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