Top Math Apps to Help Middle-Schoolers Master Their Curriculum

No matter at what point of your education you are, math is often the “thorn in your side” for most students. It seems the complex tasks are always one step ahead from what you feel comfortable with and it would take an entire book to at least scratch the surface of helping with math for each educational level. So, in this article, we decided to try and help one specific group - middle school students.

Apps make our life easier and it’s fascinating how there’s almost an app for everything today, including specialized middle-school math lessons. But we wanted to take it a step further and we looked for apps that not only provide knowledge but provide it in an engaging manner so it’s easier to master the formulas. So here are 3 apps we tested out of dozen of them we ended up deciding are the most helpful if you’re facing problems with your current math assignments.

Socratic - Math Answers & Lectures

We found this app on an website that updates top 10 app lists in real time and they have a dedicated list for apps to help middle-school students with math which we thought was quite helpful. If you want to check the list after you finish reading our reviews, we’ll leave the link below.

As for Socratic, when we initially stumbled upon this app, we wanted to ignore since it seemed as if the app is used mostly for cheating. The reason is that all you have to do is snap a photo of a math task and the app solves it for you. Pretty amazing, right? But how would this help you with actually learning and not taking easy shortcuts? Although there is room to exploit this app, what’s great about is it saves you so much time finding errors. You can spot a mistake in seconds, which helps you learn quicker. This makes your learning more efficient and is a valuable asset in your math-learning arsenal. It all comes down to you and how you’ll use this powerful tool.

A minor flaw is the app’s interface which can sometimes be hard to navigate. It isn’t too big of a deal and you’ll quickly get used to it, but from a first-time user point of view, the UI could be more user-friendly. As said, it is probably too much to even call it a flaw, but it’s something we’d definitely look forward to fixing in some of the future updates.

CK-12: Practice Math & Science

When you first start this app you might get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things you can do to learn math that it might feel like your usual math class. The app is filled with math lessons and it seems as if it covers every possible corner. But the main strong point is how everything is organized. There are tons of intuitive video lessons, interactive lessons, and even group activities if you’re learning with a friend. Plus, besides math, there are also biology, geometry and other science lessons if you need help with that as well. We recommend this one if you want to dive deep into math without being crushed by the complexity of it. Naturally, you still have to put in the work, but the way everything is organized makes it a lot easier and even fun.

The only thing the apps lacks a bit is flexibility when it comes to difficulty. Although there is progress where you’re moving up with every task you solve correctly, it’s hard to go back and review your previous tasks which is useful if you want to double-check what you learned. The app would be one of the best apps in the math market if it allowed it’s user to do that. Still, it’s a fantastic asset we’re certain you’ll find useful.

Mental Math Practice - Flashcards for the Everyday Math

If you’re constantly on the run and can’t afford to spare a couple of hours daily to learn math, this app is the one you want. Naturally, the more time you spend, the faster you’ll learn, but Mental Math The practice is a great way to ensure you don’t completely stop learning. Each flashcard is carefully designed and contains a math problem, solution, and tips to help you understand and not just memorize the solution without actually understanding. We found if you combine this one with CK-12 it becomes a powerful way to master math in just a couple of days. You use the first one when you have more time and take advantage of flashcards while you’re on the go like taking a bus to your school for example. It’s all about efficiency and this app helps you get the most out of it.

We were a bit surprised that you have to create an account before even using such a simple app. It isn’t a big of a deal, but still, we don’t see a reason to do that until you decide to use everything the app has to offer. Obviously, we’re splitting straws here with this comment, but we thought to point it out just so you don’t get surprised if you decided to try this app out.


These are our top 3 picks. As said in the introduction, math can be hard but it’s never impossible to master the steps. All it takes is time and practice. Best of all, once the wheels start turning in your head, mastering new obstacles becomes easier and easier because you start to understand the logic behind it.

Our selected apps should be used as tools to help you learn, not tools to help you not have to learn. If you employ them the right way, you’ll quickly realize math isn’t as hard as you initially thought it might be.

Top Math Apps to Help Middle-Schoolers Master Their Curriculum Top Math Apps to Help Middle-Schoolers Master Their Curriculum Reviewed by Pravesh Kumar Maurya on 04:30 Rating: 5

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