Why Handloom Sarees and Cotton Sarees are becoming new pulse of fashion?

Handloom sarees are sarees woven on looms made from ropes, wooden beams and poles. Handloom industry is one of India’s cottage industries. It is a traditional textile art of India and Bangladesh. Handloom industry was important for economic development in rural India. Usually, the handloom industry is a family enterprise. It is a process of dyeing the threads, warping it, attaching the warp, winding it, and then weaving is done by the weavers in the looms. Handloom sarees are made out of silk or cotton threads. Different popular handloom sarees are Kanchipuram silk sarees, Tussar silk saree, Banarasi silk saree, Bandhini sarees and many more.

Handloom sarees are produced out of good quality silk and cotton to make them get a lustrous look. All these different types of sarees are famous and produced in different states of India. Bandhini handloom saree is a traditional art of tie and dye which is created in the state of Gujarat.  Kanchipuram sarees are also known as Kanjivaram sarees, which is a traditional outfit in the South of India. Tussar silk sarees are handloom sarees which are originated from Bihar. They carry the art of Madhubani paintings which makes it unique. Banarasi saree is one of the most traditional and popular handloom saree. It is created from the state of Banaras as the name of the saree says. The sarees are woven with threads of gold and silver, along with zari and embroidery work. There are many other types of handloom sarees, such as; Munga saree from Assam,  Chanderi saree from Madhya Pradesh, Tant saree and Kantha saree from West Bengal, Sambhalpuri saree from Orissa, Patola saree from Gujarat.

Pure cotton sarees are handloom sarees made up of a hundred percent cotton. No other fabric is mixed up along with it. Pure cotton sarees are the most comfortable outfit in an Indian woman’s wardrobe. It is a low maintenance saree. It does not need extra care to be maintained. It is the most preferred form of the saree for daily use or comfort wear. It has a rich texture and a soft feel. It is easy to manufacture compared to other fabrics. It throws a look full of simple yet classic and royal. It is cheaper than other high-end fabrics.

Cotton sarees are handloom sarees. Different types of cotton sarees are Jamdani sarees, Venkatgiri sarees, Sambhalpuri sarees, Khadi, Vichitrapuri sarees and many more.  All the sarees are originated from different states of India such as, Jamdani sarees from Uttar Pradesh, Venkatgiri saree from Andhra Pradesh, Vichitrapuri saree from Orissa. Khadi sarees is one of the traditional forms of fabric woven on a handloom. It is an easy and airy fabric. It is ideal for summers.

Cotton sarees are versatile in nature. It can give a simple as well as a luxurious look. It is perfect for the ones who prefer a minimalist look. Cotton sarees are appropriate for office wear, daily wear as well as party or event wear.
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