Things You Should Know Before Migrating to Queensland

Whether you are planning to move to Queensland from a foreign country, or you are simply moving from another Australian state, there is much to consider. Queensland is known as the sunshine state, and for good reason, as this tropical paradise is high on the list of perfect destinations. If you and your family are soon to be relocating to Brisbane or any other region of Queensland, here are some important things to consider.

  v Arranging the Relocation - Wherever you are moving from, it is important to enlist the help of an established interstate removal company. This will ensure that you and your partner are not unduly stressed by the move, and by making sure the property in Gold Coast has been cleaned and ready for occupation, the relocation should go without a hitch. The ideal removalist would have all the necessary resources to handle a move from another state, or even another country if you are emigrating to Australia.

  v Calculate Your Costs - If, for example, you are a first-time buyer, you might qualify for a stamp duty concession and by using this handy Queensland stamp duty calculator, you can quickly calculate the amount to be paid on the new home. Don’t forget the legal fees and also the removal costs, which might be considerable.

  v Research the Local Amenities - You can use the Internet to search for local amenities in the chosen area, such as schools, shopping malls, hospitals and medical services. It is important that you know where these places are and you could always come to your new home ahead of the move and do some self-exploring.

  v Inform Relevant People - Make sure that you have told all family and friends that you are moving, which will help to avoid the embarrassing situation when friends come to visit and you no longer live at that address. Any subscriptions you have should be notified of the change of address, as well as essential services like the plumber and electrician, by either informing them that you no longer require their services or by giving them your new address.
  v Property Insurance - It is important that your new home is insured from day one, and for most people, it is simply a question of giving the insurance company the details of the new home. With comprehensive insurance from day one, any breakages during the move can be claimed on your home insurance. There are excellent articles available online that highlight the need for comprehensive home insurance when relocating.

  v Source Some Temporary Storage - My people overlook the fact that they will not be putting all of their furniture into the new dwelling, at least not yet. The removal company might be able to help you with temporary storage space, which most have at their depot and will charge a small fee for storing anything that you don’t wish to put into the home straight away.

Moving to Queensland is an exciting prospect for anyone and with a little research on the area and all the above points covered, your move should go without a hitch.
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