How To Find The Best Property Managers In Townsville

So, you have decided to be a landlord and invest in a property to let? In this case you are pretty likely to be considering the services of a professional property manager. Despite the fact that you are probably not very fond of the idea if you need to hire somebody to look after and manage your investment on your behalf, make sure you do a thorough research in advance.

While it is true that nobody else is going to take care of your property in the same way you would, the difference between finding a good or bad property manager could be as big as either ensuring your monthly income or steering you towards bankruptcy. That is why you need to look for certain qualities in the person you intend to hire. Honesty, experience and good organization make up a few of them. Let's look at what else is required for a successful property manager search.

Look For Referrals From Different Sources

Try to obtain information straight from the horse's mouth, a property management company in Townsville advise. Make sure to check several sources and see if feedback is consistent. Talk to both owners and people in real estate. As they are bound to have had a lot of interactions with various property management personnel, chances are they will give you valuable insight into who are the better job candidates.

As referrals might be subjective, several similar ones from different places will do the trick. If you get the same positive or negative information about a certain person or company from most of your sources, chances are you have a valid referral.

Nothing Is Faster Than An Online Search

Doing your own research is another option. There are even websites which serve as property manager directories, as they have a search option which allows you to filter out companies by the size and location of the property you would like to let.  

Instead of wasting your time interviewing every potential property manager, check out online reviews and even facebook. Also, browse business listings and see what the company rating is, as well as whether there have been any complaints filed against them. Find out more on how to protect yourself from bad managers at As you go about your online search, the same companies will come up over and over again, giving you sufficient information about which ones are worth your time, and which not.

Their Work Speaks Best

Check out some of the current rental ads of your potential property manager. What do they look like? Are they professional, well-written and compelling? Do they advertise on different sites and places on the internet, or just stick to Craiglist and local bulletins? Try to find out as much as you possibly can about the way they promote the properties entrusted to them, because this is how your own will be advertised, should you decide to go for that particular manager.

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A great way to obtain information is by speaking to current tenants about how they feel their properties are managed. Are both tenants and homeowners happy, their complaints addressed in an efficient and professional manner? Are the premises kept quiet and clean? Will leases be renewed? Why or why not? There are many obvious and subtle ways to tell if a property manager is performing well. 

Are They Licensed And Certified?

It is a good idea to see if a person or company has a property management or real estate license before you let them show your property to potential tenants. This is often a sign of job commitment, because when a person continually spends time and money on education and skills upgrade, they are more likely to be both devoted to their work and an expert at it.

By all means follow your gut instincts also. Taking a class doesn't necessarily mean that you will put what you've learned into practice, so don't fall in the trap of only looking at certificates, either. Someone might be passionate about property management without having the financial resources to participate in such courses on a regular basis. Make sure you look at the big picture before you make a decision. 

Interview A Few Prospects:-

In order to have a basis for comparison, you should definitely interview at least several different property managing professionals or companies. You can find a list of awesome questions to ask them here. The more you screen, the easier it will be to tell the good ones from the bad. Knowledgeable and organized professionals will stand out immediately.

How ready are the candidates to answer your questions during the interview? If they don't make an effort to present themselves in the best possible light, hiring them will only show an even worse image and performance. Let them tell you about their experience, education, service fees and make sure they have at least a basic understanding of the landlord-tenant law.  
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