Quit Smoking: 10 Tips for Getting Through the First Day

Smoking kills, it’s a clear warning mentioned on the packet that you bring from the shop. But still you do it on regular basis, it can be very hard for you to quit smoking irrespective of how hard you tried. Smoking is not only a bad habit, but it’s an addiction which can give up easily. 

Here are I am going to tell you how to quit smoking? How can you get rid of this smoking addiction?

Sip Eat and Repeat: 

Once you get addicted to smoking you not only addicted to inhaling the tobacco, but you addicted to the process. Sucking becomes an addiction too. You need to start using straws wherever you can. Sucking cold water from the star replaces the act of sucking on a cigarette. This sucking also releases dopamine which helps fighting bad moods. In the same way chewing of small bites get past the urge of the smoke.

Yeah!!! Instant Rewards Work:

Yes, it is true money is not the solution to every problem but here it is the solution. Make a box just for smoke savings, whenever you feel the urge of smoking put the equivalent amount into that box. This saving fund keeps you motivated without any efforts. You can buy anything once it gets full.

Brushing is Important:

In the same way, as above mentioned, you need to brush your teeth when you feel the urge of smoking. It is a hard task, but when your mouth started to taste better and breath smells better you eventually avoiding smoking.

Stay away from Alcohol:

Drinking and smoking go hand in hand. Drinking kind of pushes you towards the smoking addiction. So drinking habit forces you to light a cigarette.

No-smoking Zone rather than smoking Zone:

Whenever you feel a strong urge of cigarette, you can go to a place where you don't have smoking zones like cinemas, stores, or libraries. Once it gains your attraction, you forget about the smoke cravings.

The reason is Important:

If your reason is not strong enough to keep you motivated, you will never be going to leave the smoking. No matter how hard you are trying to quit it. Just one last time kills your flow of no smoking and you start sucking it again.

Active Every day:

This is important, being active is required for everyone whether you are smoker or non-smoker. Seating on a couch watching tv or seating a chair studying for a long period of time is not good as well. So, start the exercise routine, it will help you for sure. Read More - http://lifefitnesstricks.com

Remind your Self-everyday:

Use habit tracker’s or dairy or calendar, which you can take with you everywhere. Whenever you feel the urge of smoking, write down just two words quit smoking. It is also one of the ways to keep your motivation up.

Keep your mouth busy:

Whenever you feel the urge drop something else in your mouth like some salad or chewing gum etc.

Support is mandatory: 

you always need a person for support of yourself.
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