Different Flavors of Vape Juice – Find out what’s best for you

Vape pens and pods have a composition in such a way that when you smoke them, the mist gives out a very pleasant aroma when it comes out. The ingredient that is used in the cartridge for making the fluid impacts the aroma a lot. You can choose from a variety of flavors and aromas which you cannot do with regular cigarettes. Not only that, but the aromatic mist acts as an agent to calm your mind as well. Smoking these vapes is going to make you feel relaxed without you having to worry about any harmful side-effects on your health. You get a healthy high from the aroma, and the scent and flavor depend entirely on your personal preference. You can even find refills of your chosen flavor.

Types of Flavors

Flavors are perhaps the most fun part of vapes. You can choose from single flavors or choose to blend them together. It all depends on personal choices. Apparently, both the options are very popular among the crowd. One can argue that there is no comparison with the simplicity of a standard flavor, but blends are slowly becoming very popular, because they make smoking all day long, an interesting activity.  Of course, that does not mean that single flavors are boring.  If you are looking for something beyond the simple strawberry or vanilla taste, then there are plenty of other options available too.

A blend basically just means that several distinct flavors are combined together to form a single flavor. They are delicious, complex mixtures and you are always free to choose the ingredients.
A small piece of advice would be though to trying out lots of different flavors if you are just starting and trying a flavor for the very first time. You can buy a smaller bottle instead, in case you don’t like it. You can stock up on your favorite flavor once you find it. Before you start, however, here are a few basic flavors for you to look into.  Afterward, whichever variety you choose is entirely your decision.

The Familiar Tobacco Flavor

If you are trying to get off smoking cigarettes, then tobacco flavored vape juice is your ticket to transition. Any smoker will be familiar with the flavor. So, the chances are that when you smoke these, your cravings won’t be as bad as they would be otherwise if you are trying to transition from your regular smoking habits. Another advantage is that most smokers enjoy the taste because it’s familiar. You can also choose from some really fun blends too. All the unique blends combine fruity flavors into the e-juice blend along with a bit of tobacco flavor.

Mint Flavored Vape Juice

If you are someone who enjoys the minty freshness of a menthol cigarette, then this is the perfect solution for you. People, who are addicted to menthol cigarettes, crave the unbeatable, cool, and icy sensation. There aren’t too many menthol options in this department, but Kylecbd.com has come up with a few menthol blends for you. There is strawberry-menthol flavor, ice coffee flavor, classic peppermint and a few other options for you to choose from. There is also the plain menthol vape juice for the classic taste lovers.

Fruity Flavored Vape Juice

Nowadays fruit flavored e-juices are becoming more and more popular. The basic reason is that they are simply delicious. There are plenty of varieties in this department. Whether you want watermelon, banana, strawberry or mango; we have got you covered. There are some fun blends to add a little twist to the taste also. You also have the option of trying out tasty creamy tasting vape juices that will just leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth after you smoke them.

Baked Goods

Did you know that there are vape juices inspired by baked goods?  It just keeps getting better.  Now you can try mouthwatering flavors like cupcakes, cheesecake, pie, donuts in your vape juices. There are options from vanilla to buttery-flavored e-liquids. These dessert flavored vape juices taste smooth, creamy and sweet and at zero calorie gain. So, you get to taste and health at the same time. If you are someone who craves desserts every once in a while and are trying to lose weight, then this can be a fantastic way to curb your cravings.

Candy Flavor

The most popular and common flavor has to be the candy-flavored vape juices. If you want to indulge in some guilty pleasures of smoking and candies, then this is the perfect amalgamation for you. You can enjoy skittles, tarts, and gummies flavored smokes easily. There are some classic flavors like caramel, for the ones who like old classic tastes more also.

Vape Juices with the Taste of Your Drink

Most of us like some beverage or the other. Every one of us has some guilty pleasure that we can indulge all day long. It can be anything from coffee, energy drinks to alcohol. Now, you can find vape juice in the flavor of your favorite drinks. This is a great and healthy way to cut down on those unhealthy beverages and helps you in reducing your smoking and nicotine consumptions.


If you consider the PG/VG ration, the nicotine content, and flavor of the e-juices, then you can choose the perfect vape juice for you to smoke. Sadly, every individual is different and what might work for some, won’t work for the others. So, there is no shortcut, and you just have to try out a few different flavors before you can come to a conclusion. It’s just like discovering which cigarette worked for you, only more fun. There are plenty of flavors in this category for you to choose from and there must be something that you will like. Not just that, but you get new smoking devices too with each different flavor. You will be spoilt for choice when you find out vape juices that taste like the best mean you had all day.
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