How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally?

The immune system protects our body from external harmful elements like viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. If you are one of those individuals who easily catch a cold or are fragile to even the slightest climate changes, it means you have a weaker immune system. Our immune system indulges the organs, cells, and tissues to avoid invaders entering our body. A healthy immune system will create a barrier against parasites, bacteria, and antigens and keeps them away from causing any illnesses.

The health of your immune system depends on the things you eat, your lifestyle, and how often you workout. Hence, it is extremely important to keep your immune system health in check for the longevity of life. There are numerous ways to boost your immune system health naturally. Some of them are as follows:

#1 Squeeze the Day with some Citrus:

Citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and limes are about not only flavors and colors. When it comes to immune health, citrus fruits play a crucial role. They are rich in vitamins and plant compounds that help strengthen your immune system and increase your skin elasticity. They are rich in Vitamin C and a good source of fiber; hence, they will help keep your gut health intact. Moreover, citrus fruits are believed to increase the number of white blood cells in our body, thanks to the presence of citric acid in large quantities.

#2 Do not Consider Fish as an Infinite Source of Perpetual Delight, they are more than that:

Fishes, particularly salmons, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and herring among others are a great source of protein. But they are also rich in Omega-3s, a primary component in boosting immune system health. When harmful microorganisms invade our body, our body responds with an acute inflammation. Fish oil and fatty fishes contain anti-inflammatory compounds that suppress the growth of bad bacteria and even cancer cells. So try to include fatty fishes in your diet.

#3 Multivitamins:

It is safe to say that most of the individuals aren’t getting the required daily vitamin dose for a healthy living. This can cause some serious health complications including the weakening of your immune system health. Busy lifestyle, time boundation, etc. can be the main reason for you to not having the recommended vitamin dosage. If this is the case, the health professionals advise consumption of multivitamin supplements to recompense for all the necessary vitamins you are skipping in your meals.

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#4 Sugar maybe Sweet but Not Friendly:

Consumption of too much sugar can neutralize the immune system cells (white blood cells) that fight bacteria and can leave your body defenseless. Sugar, especially from processed and packaged foods and drinks (artificial), can trigger numerous health complications including weight gain, the risk of heart disease, and diabetes. Hence, it is extremely important to keep a tab on your sugar intake (avoid completely if possible). Instead, you can choose the natural sources that are low in fructose and calories like aspartame.

#5 Know the Difference Between Friendly and Harmful Fats:

Not all fats are created equal; some are good for your immune system health while some are extremely harmful to your whole body. Trans fat and saturated fats are the two types of fats. Trans fats should be avoided completely while saturated fats can be consumed in a limited manner. They both are harmful to your immune health, especially trans fats. So avoid processed foods, baked goods, and fried foods as they all contain a good amount of trans fat. You can consult with your concerned doctor regarding the number of saturated fats to intake. Saturated fats like butter, lard, meat, tropical oils, etc. are all good for your health but if consumed sparingly.

#6 Sweat it Out:

Exercise is the key to a healthy and happy life. No matter the type of exercise, as long as you are active and sweating in a good way, your body will respond positively. When you exercise, your body produces more white blood cells. Hence, it will enhance the defense mechanism of your immune system that prevents harmful invaders. As compared to a sedentary lifestyle, even moderate exercise can reduce the chances of viral and bacterial infections.

#7 Get Plenty of Rest:

Irregular rest and not getting an adequate amount of sleep addresses the issues related to mental health. But it is also a known fact that it can affect your immune system as well. Your body requires a decent amount of rest after a tiring day at work. Lack of rest or sleep affects how our body responds to bacterial invaders; hence, it can compromise our body’s defense mechanism. So at least get 8 hours of sleep daily in order to properly regulate your body.

Final Words:

Immune system health is something that can be easily boosted. All you require is a change in your lifestyle and focus on more healthy ways of living. 
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