5 Best Woody-Oriental Men's Cologne & Fragrances

Woody-oriental scents ooze a copious amount of character. The scent you are wearing tells a lot about your personality and your body language. Woody colognes, like the earth itself, are exquisitely encrusted with a rife of natural sensuality. Herein are five best woody-oriental colognes for men that demands to be noticed.

#1 Tiffany for Men Sport Cologne:

For a cool and chic evening, the Sport Cologne from Tiffany for Men is the perfect scent that comes with the underlying notes of wood. It is a cologne that demands to be noticed, offering a strong yet subtle aroma. The fragrance notes include a clean scent of spice and woods that have a long-lasting effect. It will bring the best out of you thanks to the crisp scent. The recommended usage is during the evenings but you can wear it anytime.

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#2 Lalique Encre Noire:

For a man who thrives with confidence, Encre Noire by Lalique offers a woody scent with hearty top notes of vetiver and cypress and base notes of cashmere woods and musk that defines a successful leader. It is a great cologne that gives an outstandingly manly vibe that is rarely felt in other colognes. The sweet and zesty meld of hearty wood notes are long-lasting and you will not change your cologne for years to come.     

#3 Supreme Oud Polo Eau De Perfume by Ralph Lauren:

Supreme Oud Polo Eau De Perfume features woody and oriental notes that offers remarkably unique fragrance, sure to be loved by men. The perfume boasts a composition of woods and spices, making this perfume a pleasure to wear all day long. Supreme Oud incorporates the top notes of cinnamon and pink pepper, along with Indian oud wood, adding a unique smoky and woody aroma. All these features make the Supreme Oud an exceptional evening-wear perfume, suitable for get-togethers and dinner parties.   

#4 Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld:

Lagerfeld is one of the best woody-oriental men’s cologne that will get your endorphins spiking. Its warm, bright golden hue reveals the top notes of orange and nutmeg with hearty notes of tobacco, rose, sandalwood, and patchouli. It gets is spice and sweet aroma from the base notes of vanilla and oriental musk. It will surely please your senses and the ones around you. The distinctive scents can be felt thanks to the rich wood infusions.

#5 Gucci Guilty:

If you are looking for a new scent, more of an unabashedly manly scent packed with the provocative, bold appeal, Gucci Guilty stands out as one of the most tempting for men of all ages. Gucci Guilty is a nifty perfume that can be worn both night and day. The blend of citrus and floral aromas results in a more modern fragrance. The top notes include lavender, sandalwood, and cedar with beefy base notes of pink pepper, lemon, and amber. It offers a strong woody scent.    

Final Words:

When it comes to men’s cologne, there are different notes. Men love strong, musky tones highlighted by hearty woods. 
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