6 Ways For Elderly To Prevent And Manage Diabetes

Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the killer diseases among seniors. If not identified and treated fast, it can lead to death. The good news is, it can be managed and prevented too. According to Charline Rogers, a health advisor at Halo Health Care, a healthy lifestyle is an easy way to avoid the disease. Even if you have the disease, fret not. There’s still hope.

Here are six easy ways to manage and prevent diabetes:

 1. Exercise Regularly

Taking medicine only won’t produce results as quickly as you’d want. Speed up the process by doing some light exercises. If you haven’t been exercising, don’t push yourself too hard. The good news is, you can be in top shape even without going to the gym or hiring a fitness instructor.

Begin with something simple like going for walks three to four times on a weekly basis. Staying dormant or lying down the entire day weakens your immune system and easily raises your blood sugar levels.  

Gardening and swimming are other great ways to keep in shape. If you’re in the position, try some aerobic exercise and enroll in a fitness program. A healthy heart enables your cells to be more responsive to insulin, which keeps the blood sugar at a normal range.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s been said time, and again that water is life. The truth of the statement cannot be disputed at all. There’s so much good that comes from drinking water regularly, such as helping you manage diabetes and prevent it if you don’t have it.

Regular water intake keeps glucose levels low, which prevents dehydration. Here are more reasons to take as much water as you can:

     Lubricates the joints
     Forms mucus and saliva
     Delivers oxygen throughout the body
     Boosts skin health and beauty
     Keeps blood sugar levels under control

If you take sugary beverages like soda and juice, now would be the best time to stop. All they do is raise your chances of getting the disease and being obese in the long haul.

 If you don’t put your water intake into consideration, having a daily target of the amount of water you want to drink per day can help you stay focused and maintain the pattern. Remember to make it consistent so you can adapt to it quickly.

3. Sleep As Much As You Can

No matter how busy you might be, getting enough sleep per night is essential. Little or no sleep lowers the ability of the body to break down glucose, which makes you prone to getting diabetes. Specialists recommend eight hours of sleep per day.

 Practices such as drinking excessive tea or coffee before bed or in the afternoon are harmful. They limit your ability to sleep. If sleeping isn’t easy for you, establishing a schedule which you have to follow strictly will help.
Drinking some warm milk before sleep if you aren’t lactose intolerant, getting a massage and listening to soft music can help you sleep faster. 

4. Watch What You Eat And Drink

What goes into your body can keep you healthy or destroy you. Foods such as red meats, whole eggs, fried foods, and white rice can raise your chances of getting diabetes. They affect the kidneys and glucose levels.

Consume healthier foods such as beans, lean meats, fresh produce, and low-fat dairy. If you crave for a snack, blend some fruit and drink their juice.

It may not be easy to adjust if you’re used to the unhealthy diet but with time, with some encouragement, motivation, and effort, you’ll switch easily. Going for a checkup on a regular basis can help you know if you’re making progress.

5. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

If you’re an alcoholic, the amount of alcohol you take has a significant impact on your chances of getting diabetes or worsening it if you have the illness. Excess alcohol raises or lowers your blood sugar. Men who drink are advised to take only two glasses per day. Women, on the other hand, should have a glass per day.

 If you do take insulin to control it, eating as you drink is a safe way of keeping the effects away. It’s also wise to check your blood sugar levels before drinking. Quitting is another option, which is possible if you have the necessary help to take you through the entire process.

6. Deal With Your Stress

For most people, it would be impossible to go a day without getting stressed. However, it is possible to keep stress under control. Stress causes a rise in blood sugar levels, which in turn increases your chances of getting diabetes. If you have it already, it gets worse. There are many ways to live a stress-free life, the easiest one being shutting your eyes and slowly counting to ten.
Meditation, yoga and taking part in activities that make you happy are other easy ways to combat stress. Avoiding isolation also helps. Socialize with others; take some and just have a great time. If you’re naturally anti-social, it would be a great idea to be around your family members and friends.
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