A Few Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your GM Diet a Great Success

Has your diet plan met with great success? Have you been able to knock off those extra kilos? No? Then you haven’t yet tried the General Motors diet plan. The seven-day diet plan which has cast a spell on the fitness world. It has worked for most people who have tried it. So you should try it too if you want to lose a lot of weight.  Following the diet isn’t very easy owing to its stringent rules, but if you manage to stick to it, then you will surely lose about 5-7 kgs of weight in 7 days. That sounds quite something as most people find it difficult to shed that much weight even after trying for months together.

Even if the diet is explained in great details, many people are confused and don’t know what exactly to do, and you are not able to lose as many kilos as you would have wanted. So we would give you a list of simple do’s and dont's to adhere to, to get lasting results.

A Few Simple Rules to Follow:-

You think you had followed the diet to a tee but you still may not have been able to lose weight, or as many kilos as the diet proclaims, then you need to rethink your strategies and evaluate them to find out where you have gone wrong. The following do’s and dont's can help you fix it.
·         Stick to the fruits as mentioned in the diet- If the dietary guidelines mention, that you cannot have bananas for the rest of the days, except for day 4, then you must stick to that. Stay away from fruits like mango, bananas and custard apples. Only have it on the days mentioned otherwise stick to apples, watermelon, grapefruits, oranges, and so on which has a high water content.
·         People who are pregnant and people suffering from chronic diseases cannot follow the diet- People with chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes or even women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should steer clear of this diet plan as all these people have special nutritional needs, and they can suffer from the consequences of following a diet which has strict dietary instructions.
·     This diet is not fit for people who are younger than 18- Young children should not be made to follow the General Motors diet plan for weight loss in 7 days as they also have specific dietary needs, they might fall sick or unwell if they follow the diet.
·        Exercises to do while on the GM diet plan- Many people wonder will they be able to follow a strict exercise regime while on the GM diet plan? Since the calories are drastically reduced people may at first find it difficult to exercise, especially hard-core exercises like aerobics, weight-training and other strenuous exercises. Rather you should do brisk walking, yoga, and free-hand exercises, which will aid weight loss and not make you feel too tired.
·     Less usage of salt and sugar in your diet- The excess amount of salt or sugar can cause a dent in your weight loss plans. So sprinkle salt in food but in moderation, and remember to use rock salt or the Himalayan pink salt which has a lot of nutrients and is not stripped of important minerals like the table salt. Refined sugar is a strict no-no. Since you are already consuming a lot of fruits you will get the sugar required by your body. Thus the GM diet plan urges you to give up on refined sugar and salt at least for the given number of days.
·   Less amount of caffeine- You can have tea or coffee but in moderation. Herbal teas or green tea are recommended, but not too much of coffee. Green tea has a wealth of nutrients, like antioxidants which are great for the body. So if you need your caffeine fix while following the diet, consider green tea as the beverage of your choice.
·    You cannot have white rice while on the GM diet plan-Many people are averse to the taste of brown rice, so they think that they can substitute brown rice with white rice. But you cannot do so, as the complex carbs of brown rice help in the slow release of glucose and stop those sudden spikes in blood sugar. But if you still want to avoid brown rice then you can substitute it with quinoa or black rice.
·    Packaged foods should not be consumed- You should not buy those packaged fruit juices readily available in the market, they are full of preservatives which harm your health in every way possible. Buy a fruit eat it with the fiber, as simple as that.
·        Soup for those sudden hunger pangs- if you are really hungry it is not that you have to remain in the famished state, you can take the wonder soup. It is easy to make, delicious and filling. So do not forget to make yourself a nourishing bowl of wonder soup whenever you are hungry.
Stick to these guidelines and you will help be able to shed oodles of weight. Do not experiment too much with the rules and regulations that the GM diet endorses, if you want results, follow the rules. Soon you will be able to reach your weight loss goals. Just don’t get too excited by following the diet continuously. After those seven days, give it a break for another fourteen days and then you can give it a shot once again!
This is hardly a sustainable diet but it does give you the right impetus to your current eating plan giving a sharp jump in your metabolism helping you shed oodles of weight. This is great for those occasions when there is an event coming up and you need to shed some quick kilos or you have reached a weight loss plateau and you need to do something extra to kickstart the weight loss process again! This is why the GM Diet plan works so well. Go ahead start on this weight loss plan and best of luck for your weight loss endeavor!
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