How to Pick Out the Best Earrings in Any Shop?

Earrings are everybody’s favorite and are usually the first piece of jewelry a girl learns to wear after she has gotten over her fear of piercings. However, they have this reputation of being tricky buys, since it is almost impossible to guess the type of earrings the girl likes. When chosen wisely though, earrings do an amazing job of enhancing and accentuating a woman’s features in addition to adding charm and panache to an outfit.

To solve this problem, we bring to you a few cues to pick out the best earrings while shopping. This job is also made easier by the number of online jewellery sites which provide the buyer to choose from hundreds of gold earrings with price without having to go on a jewel-hunt.

  1. Face Shape: The most important factor to be taken into consideration while buying earrings for your loved ones is the shape of the face.
    1. For oval shaped faces, where the forehead is as wide as the cheekbones, oval-shaped dangle earrings will make for a bold fashion statement.
    2. Long angular designs like teardrop earrings or graduated dangle diamond earrings go well with round shaped faces.
    3. For heart-shaped faces, earrings with elongated curves draw attention to the facial features like the eyes, cheekbones and the jaw line.
    4. Designs like triple teardrop dangles are recommended for narrow faces since they shorten the length of the narrow faces.
  1. Hair Colour: While earrings do not come with instruction manuals on how to wear them, there are a few thumb rules which you can follow to make your task of buying the perfect earring easier. One of these rules is to choose earrings according to the hair colour. For example, those with blonde hair should obviously opt for yellow gold. For dark-haired women, choosing platinum or white gold earrings should be a no brainer. Redheads can safely go for yellow gold earrings. However, rose gold would be more complimentary to their hair colour.

  2. Hair Length: While short haired women can opt for chunkier pieces, those with longer hair should consider dangling earrings which can emphasize their facial features.

  3. Outfit: It is often said that earrings can make or break outfits, irrespective of the occasion. It is thus very important to coordinate your jewellery with the dress. For example, wearing purple earrings with a black outfit is not the most advisable option. A safer alternative here would be to go for contrasting colours, with more obvious the contrast, the better. This can be like wearing white earrings with dark clothes. Another common mistake that people commit is matching the earring with the most noticeable colour in the dress.
The gold earrings design can really change your appearance. It all depends upon what you choose and how you carry them. Finding the right earrings to match your personality can be a tough job, but with these tips in hand, you can hardly go wrong.
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