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Selecting what to wear to meetings, business dinners, office or a family function remains a challenge even when women are making strides in the workplace today.

Let's be aware - Women make an array of mistakes, from dressing too casually to not paying attention to fit at most times. Truth is, sometimes we all just fall short of time and don't pay enough attention to what suits us best and how best we can go ahead and select the right clothing for us without spending hours in a shopping mall and coming home disappointed when we don't find our preferences within our budget.

Appearance and clothing are so important in a world where first impressions count for everything and people are sizing you up and sizing you down. And we understand that better than everyone else which is why Yostor stands apart when it comes to buying trendy and affordable clothing online for women.

Casual suits for women can be seen everywhere in India, from young school girls to a professional to an old lady. Everybody wears them. It flatters women of all ages and sizes. It is the most comfortable attire. At Yostor, we have carefully selected the best styles, designs, and fabrics for every woman to help her choose her style for any occasion in her life. From heavy embroidered salwar suits to clean long chiffon and georgette styles and straight cut kurtas with palazzos, we have everything under one roof - casual suits for women and high waisted pants women for the quintessential woman of today.

Below are all the varieties and styles of salwar that you can find at Yostor for any kind of casual suits for women:

  Ø  Salwar: They have been worn by women for several years and women of old ages wear them, from a child to her grandmother. They are the most comfortable and can be worn with a shirt of any length. There is a fantastic collection of casual salwar kameez designs at Yostor for any body type.
  Ø  Patiala suit salwar: A lot of fabric is required for the stitching and Patiala salwar looks cute, trendy and oh-so-young always. They have pleats at the back of the legs which look very smart and at Yostor, you will be able to find it in every fabric and color you would prefer.
  Ø  Churidar: Being the most popular with the younger generation these are skin fitting and very comfortable. The pleats are at the bottom near the ankle. It is preferably worn with a long shirt but medium length shirts also look good.  Want to find your elegant pair of casual suits for women? don't forget to out our exclusive range.
  Ø  Palazzo suits: This is the latest trend. It has wide legs and can also give the look of a skirt. Shirts of any length can be worn with a palazzo. There is a great collection of palazzo suits on Yostor for every kind of woman and her unique style.

High waisted pants women:

High waist pants always rock the fashion world. These pants are really stylish, fit for any occasion and have a great fitting. When a woman wears this kind of pant, she looks cool, stylish and sophisticated at the same time. These pants can change the entire look of a woman. You just need to choose that pant which looks good on you. You can team up the high waist pant with a shirt or a simple top or a sexy short top. The high waisted pant has lots of varieties like jeans, Pantaloons etc.

Come and explore the world of high waisted pants women with us...We got the best for the modern Indian woman!

Straight-legged crops for the petite you:-

Wear shorter pants if you want to fake miles-long legs. These should hit just above your ankle to draw the eye to the flash of skin. Go with a neutral color and sturdy fabric if you want to wear it as a constant companion.

Culottes for the tall girl:-

Culottes look amazing with a show-stopping pump where unintentionally short pants look awkward with heels. Almost every pair of regular-length pants ends up looking cropped on a longer frame. That’s why culottes are perfect—they’re supposed to be shorter. Take your pick at Yostor.

High-waisted skinny pants for the apple shaped woman:-

Making them the perfect candidates for skinny pants, many apple-shaped gals are blessed with slender legs. A rise that hits your narrowest point at the waist and smoothes everything out will be your perfect buy as high waisted pants women at Yostor.

Wide-legged pants for the perfect pear-shaped body:-

Balancing is the key here. Playing nicely with wider hips and backsides choose pants that are more voluminous at the bottom. As with hourglasses, look for pairs that sit at the smallest part of your waist, le to find we bet you will be able to find your perfect fit at Yostor.

A Tie-waist for an hourglass figure:-

Something like a paper-bag tie at the waist will highlight your small middle. Tuck in your top to maximize your trousers’ waist-flaunting powers. We have some nice bold and pastel colors for every kind of taste.

Cuffed trousers for the boyish you:-

For a fuller look choose pants with pleats here. Addition of cuffs etc. will help to that draw the eye to your ankles. Making it look like you’re less straight up and down, cuffed or tapered trousers fill out your hips. Browse around and get your deal with us.

Bright, bold, pastel, flowy, straight-fitted, extra long, tie-up styles- whatever you set your mind on, you will find at Yostor........get online today!
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