How A Women’s Bike Is Different from Men’s Bike

Initially, women’s bikes were made to look prettier. Some women still love small, simple and pretty bikes. Today we have women’s Scott Spark, Scott Genius and other bikes offering the same performance offered by men’s bikes. Both men’s and women’s bike have the same components. Still, women’s bike is different from men’s bike. Now, let’s see these differences.

The very first difference is fit:

Manufacturers are using a lot of data to the frame geometry. As women are usually shorter than men, women’s bikes have shorter stack heights. Due to shorter torso lengths, women’s bike comes with shorter reach lengths.          

Women’s bike is any bike that fits:

Many women enjoy riding men’s bike without any discomfort. It doesn’t mean that men’s bikes are perfect for women. You need to ride a bike for a week or two to understand and assess it. We all make adjustments after buying Scott Spark bike or any other bike. It doesn’t mean that you can make adjustments in men’s bike. 


Women’s bike usually has a downward-slopping top tube. This design is being used for years, from the time when women used to wear long skirts. However, it is all about aesthetics. It hardly has anything to do with the performance. Designers are now experimenting with other parts of the bike, not the top tube only. 

Components affecting the bike fit:

Correctly adjusted components can make a big difference. The overall comfort and fit of a bike depending on the adjustment of components seat, stem, suspension, handlebar and brake levers. 

Here are the components affecting the comfort and fit of the bike:


Most of the times this component is swapped out before your new bike is ready for a ride. Some bikes have a shorter stem and some bikes have a longer stem. The stem helps in putting the handlebar at a particular position. Many bicycle riders prefer the handlebar at a higher position as it makes the ride more comfortable.            


Saddles on women’s bikes are wider and shorter. However, performance riders prefer narrow saddles. However, you can ask the bike maker to change the saddle if you want. So, if you like other features of the bike than don’t worry much about the saddle.  


As compared to men, most of the women have narrower shoulders. So, a narrower bar is likely to work best for you. You might have sore shoulders. And, if it happens, ask the bike maker to make some adjustments.             


Suspensions are required for lighter riders. If you are a lighter rider, make sure that the suspension is tuned to your weight. The bike maker will make these changes for you.       

Brake Levers:

Women have shorter hands as compared to men. Look for short-reach levers or make an adjustment to make sure that you can reach and operate brake levers comfortably.

Unisex Bike is expected future:

As our understanding about genders is evolving, some manufacturers have started building gender-neutral bikes. So, you need not worry about the design of the bike.
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