Professional And Comprehensive Checklist For A Multi Day Bike Tour

If you want to rejuvenate your cells in your body and brain then the best way is to plan for a multi-day bike tour. However, you will need to plan it immaculately so that you can avoid any hassles, medical conditions, and accommodation problem and food issues. The meticulous plan will enable you to focus on your journey and enjoy the benefits of cycling and the scenic beauty that nature has on offer. No matter whether you are planning for such a trip overnight or for longer than that, you will need proper planning and follow a specific checklist for that. This list should include all essentials right from gear to storage options, accessories to repair items, clothing to medicines and lots more.

The checklist to follow:

As for the gear for your first bike tour, it will depend mostly on your personal preference but for other essentials, there should not be any two ways about it.

The bike itself is the most important thing to consider. However, there is no need to buy an expensive model and brand because believe it or not, there are many bikers out there who are cycling across the whole world on very cheap bikes. The catch is to maintain it well and make it ride-friendly.

If you are not a very good mechanic, it is however recommended that you invest in a slightly more expensive model and known brand to avoid on-road breakdowns during your bike tour NYC. This will cut down your time and hassles.

Accessories to include:

Also, make sure that you invest in specific accessories as without these a bike is incomplete.

  •        A good saddle is essential for a comfortable bike tour. Choose a leather saddle even if it feels hard at the beginning. Once you are on the go it will adopt your shape and you will feel comfortable sitting on it.
  •         Next important bike accessory is the bike rack. Make sure you buy a steel one so that you can weld it easily in case it breaks during the trip. Do not go for cheap ones as these are prone to breaking soon. Consider the weight carrying ability when you buy the rack. Carry a pack of extra screws so that you can replace the ones lost on the road due to vibrations.
  •       Next in the list should be the waterproof panniers. This will keep your gear dry during the cycling trip. Make sure that it is durable and affordable and comes with a repair kit.
  •         For your safety on the road, you must install a mirror on your bicycle. This will prevent you from looking back continuously. You can choose from models that can be fit on your handlebar or those that can be attached to your helmet or even your sunglasses.

The size of the wheel tires is also important as different countries and regions will have different road conditions. Also, make sure that you choose tires that can be found easily in the local market of the place you want to visit. This will make it easy to get it repaired or replaced quickly.

Tools and spare parts:

Never leave for a bike tour NYC with proper and adequate tools and spares in your kitty. However, there is no need to carry the entire workshop with you but make sure that the basic tools and spare parts are there in your panniers. The tool list must include:

  •         Allen keys of different sizes
  •          A spanner of good quality
  •          A screwdriver with multiple heads
  •          A spoke tool
  •          A chain breaker if you are not using master links
  •          Tire levers and patches
  •          Duct tape and scissors.

As for the spare parts, make sure that you carry inner tubes, tire and spokes for long distance tour.

The Camping gear list:-

You must carry proper camping gear unless you plan for a “credit card” bike tour. A camping gear will not only save money but will also give you the freedom to explore remote areas where there are no hotels or any other accommodations.

When you choose the tent or hammock consider the material according to the climatic conditions of the area you plan to visit. It is best to have a four-season tent of high quality so that you are prepared for the rain, snow, heat or hail.

Consider the following points to buy a good tent:

  •          Get a freestanding tent to eliminate the need the pegs if you camp on the concrete
  •          Consider the fly as in tropical countries nights can be very humid and hot
  •        If you share the tent ensure that it has two doors so that you do not need to wait for the other person to be in or out
  •          Always have a repair kit to fix a broken tent-pole easily
  •          You may need a mattress to sleep on and a sleeping bag to keep you warm

You may add a sleeping liner to use it as a sleeping bag on a very hot night. You may also use it inside the sleeping bag if you or your clothes are dirty and you did not have the time or scope to have a shower. This will keep your sleeping bag clean.

Cooking and other gears:

Food can be a major issue while you travel not only for your eating habits and health reasons but in remote areas you will hardly find any eateries. Make sure you are able to cook at least the basic meals on the road, therefore, carry a stove and fuel for it.

As for the clothing, it is a personal choice but you must consider the climate when you pack your clothes. Include a good jacket, swim shorts, over pants, shoe covers, T-shirts, shorts. For cold weather conditions include a beanie, arm and leg warmers.

Other gears should include a camera to capture the beauty, a torch to help you in areas with no power, headlamps, water purification system or purification tablets, a hat to protect you from the sun, insect repellant creams if you plan to sleep in the open. 
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