How to Dress Up For Your First Motorcycle Tour

Going for a motorcycle tour has become an everyday activity in the recent times. Young men usually set out for such road trips; being a woman, you must never think that you won't need the various essential accessories for such exciting and adventurous motorbike tours. The women are also interested in bike tours along with the men; some women go on bike tours all by themselves too. Bike tours are usually with a group of friends or known people who have prior experience in the field. An experienced person often goes out on solo motorcycle touring as well. There are many circuits today specially designed for a satisfying motorbike tour. 

Women and Motorbike Touring:-

Women today are in no way different from men in any perspective. Women these days have a fascination with going out on motorbike tours along with their male friends, brothers or with their relatives. There are a vast number of women who travel out for motorcycle tours with their gangs. These motorbike tours can range from a single day to even a year traveling and touring various places on your motorcycle. A bike tour has its share of risks as it has its adrenaline rush and excitement. There are numerous safety measures one should know to keep herself safe while on a bike trip.  

Women bikers who are going on their first motorbike tour should remember that a trip is a more extended version of the daily commute. You wouldn't be more wrong if you think that it is all the same. The motorbike tour is long and often tiring. You must also keep in mind that misshaps never ask before coming. It is always safe to be well dressed for your first motorcycle tour as you are new to this and you will gain experience.

Dress List for your first Motorcycle tour:-

A significant safety precaution before going on a bike trip is the dress code for a pro to keep safe in any situations during the journey. There are a number of various dressing accessories that one should wear before going out for the first motorcycle tour of your life. Some of these dress requirements are below:

  1. HelmetOne of the most critical parts of your body is your head, and hence helmet is an essential riding gear that you most definitely need to have for your first motorcycle tour. Women are no exception from this rule. If your hair is long, leave your hair open and get your head comfortable inside your helmet. Half visor helmets are as good as no helmet, especially when on a bike trip. A full-face helmet is essential for the bike trip. You might as well not go for the tour if you don't have your helmet with you. Safety is of most important and comes before any other factor in a motorcycle trip. 

  1. Biking GlovesThese are various essentials that every biker should have. To be a safe and responsible motorcycle rider your job does not end after purchasing the motorcycle. These essential accessories are also pretty necessary. In any form of accident, even if it a minor one, two things are bound to be damaged. One is the part of your motorbike, and the other is a part of your hand. To protect your hand from any bruises and prevent damages you should have proper leather biking gloves on your hands while heading out for your trip. Another advantage of gloves is that it gives a better grip on the handlebar. Not always are the hands dry and of a proper grip. Sometimes it might rain, and the hands might even get slippery. For safety in such cases, a pair of biking gloves is pretty essential.

   3.  Leather Biking JacketsYes, it might make you feel a little heavy and uncomfortable at first, but when you're on the bike knowing that you are riding with much safer gear; it will give you a different sort of comfort. It not only keeps you and your shirt away from all the dust and dirt on the road but also comes handy if in case there is a mishappening. It will protect your body from injuring badly as well as bruises. Many companies provide professional biking jackets. A good quality riding jacket can be bought from the Nike brand. There are specially made jackets for women as well that fit them according to their body structures.

  1. Motorcycle PantsThese pants are made of coarse material and are durable to wear and tear. If you fall from your bike, it will keep your legs and hip region safe from contusions. Often many wear good quality jeans. It is a pretty good alternative. However since the only purpose of biking pants is to keep your lower body safe, it is best to use them for the purpose. A pair of motorcycle pants can be availed from a sports shop or a motorcycle accessory shop. 

  1. Boots There are unique boots for motorcycle riders as well. These boots are usually high ankle, water resistant and keep your feet intact while riding and also in the situation of accidents. The boots may have higher prices than usual boots may, but it is worth the money. These boots help you comfortably shift the gear. The fit so well on the feet that you would be more comfortable in them than without them. Also, it is pretty durable and doesn't tear off easily. There are smaller sizes and delicate designs of these motorcycle boots as well today. These boots are essential for both men and women that are going for a motorcycle tour. It is more beneficial than using normal shoes while riding because it doesn't have any laces, are slim and slick, as well as have exclusively designed ankle protection.

  1. Elbow and Knee GuardThe jacket and pant may protect you from minor injuries. But, god forbid, if you meet with a major accident the jacket and motorcycle pants won't be able to save you completely. The joints like knees and elbows are the major areas where the impact is mostly in case of an accident on the road. It is always safe to be geared entirely instead of doing it incomplete. Wearing an elbow as well as knee guard would feel uncomfortable for both men and women who would wear them. Always know that they are not meant to make you comfortable but to protect you. However, these days there are a variety of such guards that come with soft cushioning and enable easy joint folding.

Nobody expects to meet an accident, but you never know when you might do, that is all the more reason why it is called an accident. One should hope for the best but expect the worst. With these various motorcycle gears, you would be prepared and more safe for your first motorcycle tour.
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