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Everyone likes fragrance. Fragrance makes you feel joyful and keeps us calm. You can find many incense sticks, cards or even sprays in the market for the same. But incense sticks lasts for longer time than sprays. This is why most of us prefer buying incense sticks rather than sprays. Vampire blood incense is one the best selling aroma stick in the world. It is originated in India and is imported around the world. It is imported in Perrysburg, Ohio, United States. It is not shipped in India. Nandita, glow industries and devils garden are brands of the vampire blood incense. It comes in a very cool package. If you love vampires, you would love this. You will find some cool facts about it written on the box itself.

                Vampire’s blood is cool new innovation incense which is made using traditional methods. It is a slow-burning incense stick. It is combination of rare raw herbs, fragrant flowers, pungent resins and premium natural essential oils. It also comprises of sandalwood, benzoin, and dragon’s blood resin, along with other natural herbs and extracts. It is true masala incense. These incense sticks are hand-rolled and comprised strictly of natural materials. It has a very soothing, long lasting aroma. It has a unique and very interesting essence.

                The box itself says that it is harvested through a sophisticated process in which vampires are slowly bleed. The outrageous qualities of the blood are secluded and extracted into finest incense. Some vampires were injured during this process but nobody met true death. This is rare finest extract of vampire blood that is sure to enhance the senses and generate inner ambiance of nirvana. This incense is now being prepared in a new facility with some minor alternatives to the formulation. It smells very similar but is somewhat muskier then before. Its fragrance is stronger than before.



   Vampire blood incense stick is one of the most lovable incense stick nowadays. It is being used internationally and loved by everyone. You can buy this stick from eBay or Amazon. You may also ask your nearby convenience store. There you can choose the quantity as well. You can buy a single 15-gram box or an entire 12X15 gram box. Each 15 grams will have 10 to 12 sticks in it. I would recommend you buy a single box with 15 sticks, if it’s your first buy. If you loved its fragrance you may buy the bigger boxes at a time as they are cheaper. It totally depends on your liking and disliking the product.

                   The scent of this incense stick is very complex yet unique. Most notably you can get the mixed fragrance of sandalwood, benzoin and dragon blood resin. You will also get scent of rare natural herbs and extracts. This mixed scent will provide you a very sweet and soothing smell. It has a very interesting floral smell as well. But the floral smell is not very hard, it is very tender. It will make you feel more relaxed. It will lighten up your mind.

                  You can use this incense stick in your rooms and workplace as well. It has a very relaxing smell, so it can also be used while meditation. You can use it anywhere you want to. You just need to light it up and enjoy its magical fragrance.

BOTTOMLINE: Its use is similar to other incense sticks, but its fragrance is way more interesting. It is combination of rare herbs, essential oils and natural flowers which will lighten up your mind with its incredible scent. 


              Even if it has lots of interesting facts about it, but you may not like its scent. Its packaging is very cool. Once you open the packet you may feel like, why I bought it? It may smell like a pee .But doesn’t stop then and there. Light it up because after lighting it gives way more sweet and floral smell.

                Its formulation has been changed after June 2017 .Now whichever vampire blood incense you will get in the market will be new formulated one. Its fragrance is stronger than before. You may not like its scent. It smells more floral than before. It is so strong that you may taste the smell after lighting it up for some time. The Previous vampire blood incense stick would have sweet floral smell but the new one has strong floral smell. But you should give it a try.

                You may buy it in single packets from online. But you want to buy it from wholesale you can do that. If you wish to buy it in a bulk you can check River village wholesale, vampire incense wholesale, Amazon business, AliExprees etc. Some online stores also provides return facility, so check once before placing order.


 After July 2017, the formulation of the vampire blood incense is changed. Its smell is stronger than before. It has strong floral smell. So you may not the smell of new incense stick.


             As I have already mentioned that it is originated in India, so you can buy it online. You may also ask for it in your nearby convenience store. Vampire blood incense has not only interesting way of making it but also has an interesting fragrance. It is packed in a very cool packet that you may like. It has a very sweet soothing and unique smell which may blow your mind. It is ozone friendly. It is a combination of many great natural things which makes it more special. You can also buy it online from eBay, Amazon etc. Its name may sound scary to some people but it has an awesome fragrance. It is very cost effective. You just need to pay small amount for it. You need to pay three pounds for single 15 sticks packet. Its price may vary from site-to-site. The price depends on the quantity of your purchase. This item does not ship to India. I have just informed the general price to buy vampire blood incense.
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