Ways To Add Instagram Photos To WordPress

By now, you might have opened your own Instagram account or have seen its usage over the internet at one point or other. As per the survey in July 2016, Instagram has more than 500 million users who are actively participating, making it one of the most popular social networks of the modern world. As it has become such a media powerhouse, it is no wonder if you would like to add this feed to your official website. Many business owners have already done it, so now it is your turn.

By adding IG account with WP blog, you can funnel some traffic towards IG profile, as your blogs get. The procedure can turn out to be vice versa if you add a link to the blog in IG profile. It is a perfect way to connect with a blog audience and opens up more opportunities to create a brand online. So, are you all set to start it? Well, for that, following some steps might help you big time.

Adding Instagram to blog to grow following:

There are a few proven ways available to add Instagram to blog. You can embed a post, use a widget for the service or just install a plugin. Each option has its own features and will be aesthetically pleasing in a different way from others.

First step – embedding IG posts:

If you are actually planning to add IG photo into any one of the posts, it is going to be as easy as pasting photo’s URL into content. WP helps in supporting the widest range of URL as embedded by default. For checking out the full embed list, you have to check on codex. For adding photo, you have to grab the URL. Grab it before https and until the sign “?”.

For the next step, you have to paste the copied URL into content. If you need it, you can even remove caption and adjust display width by just entering the IG URL as part of the present shortcode. On the other hand, in case you want to add a feed to the Wordpress site, you might plan to use an Instagram ready plugin or theme, for a change. For some more details in this regard, you can log online at https://gramblast.com and get your results covered.

Trying to use Instagram theme widget:

The best thing about IG is that it can be used variedly and already, many WO theme developers have started including IG widgets by default. It is perfect for you as you may get the chance to add Instagram with the present theme. On the other hand, if you are planning to switch up design, you can at least give anyone of that a try. The three most important widgets to be added for the footer and sidebar is available now for your reference and understanding.

       1.      Redwood responsive WP blog theme:

You have the Redwood theme, which features IG feed widget for the sidebar and also for the footer. It provides you with double options for displaying feeds. All you have to do is just add username and you are all good to move forward. On the other hand, you can try adding links to other social media profiles in footer section too.

       2.      Magazine and status responsive news blog theme:

The Status Section comprises of amazing IG feed widget. It further has customized footer feed widget with random colors, as displayed right at the bottom border for pictures. There is a fun magazine themed style, which comprises of social integration built-in, additional social widget and multiple built-in ad spaces. It helps in making monetizing quite easy for your blogs.

       3.      Fbird lifestyle based WP blog theme:

For that clean blog theme and experience, you have Fbird by your side. This theme features IG slider and even a widget for the footer. Even though the sidebar widget is a simple one, the footer one is displayed well aside from newsletter subscription box. It will help the readers to have an option for you to follow and join newsletter on every one of the pages available.

 Trying to install Instagram Plugin:

The last option, as mentioned already, has to be the proper use of plugin as there is literally plugin available for any social media channel. The same goes for Instagram as well. While trying to select any plugin, always be sure to check out the details so that you can clearly know the layouts or features you plan to use. Some of the major plugins for your use are mentioned just to give you a reference.

·         WP Instagram Widget:

Most people are well-aware of this plugin, namely WP Instagram Widget. It is a simple form of integration of IG with WP site. Thanks to this plugin, you can add latest IG photos to the sidebar or the footer areas using this widget. The plugin helps in keeping things simple and clean. On the other hand, you can use it for customizing with CSS just to make the perfect match with the rest of the website.

·         Instagram Slider Widget:

To add Instagram as a slider instead of the gallery, consider going for this free plugin option. With Instagram Slider Widget by your side, users get the opportunity to import images as attachments, which can then be shown within the widget as a slider or gallery. Moreover, you can get some options for sorting, image linking and more to come.

·         Enjoy Plugin for IG:

You now have the liberty to add Instagram images as a carousel with the help of this WP based IG plugin. Thanks to this plugin, you can now simply activate, add a profile or even work on hashtags you plan to display. You can further select grid or opt for the carousel layout. Later, you can choose the column, and your services are covered. It helps in adding instant Instagram on the website for any post, page or widget area.

The concluding note:

After adding Instagram to the website, you are all set to take unique possibilities from this source. Instagram is a perfect way to connect with readers on a personal section and provide them with behind the scene ideas.
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