4 of the Best Smart Home Products To Add to Your Home This Year

So, you are planning to make your home a smart house. You are not alone, because analysts predict that the smart home devices are going to reach $107 billion by the year 2023. But where do we begin? There are lots of devices available for different brands, and this can be an overwhelming experience for beginners.

Sean Seshadri is going to share with you four devices that you need to have to make your home smarter. Let’s begin.

Voice assistant:-

The first smart device you need to get is a voice assistant which will help you to control the other smart devices you have in your home using just your voice. There are various choices to go for like the Amazon Echo speaker that has an Amazon virtual assistant known as Alexa. This product is ideal as it can work with other products you purchase. Since you can use simple commands on Alexa, it is easy to set alarms, order pizza, and even perform Google searches by inputting voice commands.

You can alternatively go for other smart speakers in the echo family. If you want to go for one that has a screen and where you can read song lyrics and make video calls, go for the Echo Spot or Echo Show. For other products that are not in the Amazon family, you can get Google Home Mini.

A Lock

Sean Seshadri likes the fact that you don't have to keep looking for your keys if your home has a smart lock. A smart lock can be installed in minutes, and it gives you the peace of mind anytime you leave or get back home. When you purchase the August Smart Lock, it will sense if you are home or far away and determine if to keep the door open or closed.

For instance, when you go 300 meters away from home, it will ensure that your doors are locked. However, when you get to the door, the door will unlock itself. You can also go for the Nest x Yale lock that has a keyless touchscreen deadbolt that locks or unlocks the door from anywhere. It can also create passcodes and manage the access of the home by guests and family members.

Smart security camera:-

When you invest in a smart home camera, you will be able to see who is at the door before you even get off the sofa set. Most smart models allow you to see what is happening around your house through an app. Most providers will allow motion alerts and two-way radio on their cameras.

One popular brand in the smart home market is Nest which provides cameras for both outdoor and indoor use. For instance, the Nest Cam Indoor has a speaker and a magnetic stand for you to talk to someone when you are far away.

Although the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is expensive, it will give you a 3-second look-back feature that can show you a trigger of an event. Since the device has a rechargeable battery, the replaceable power sources are affordable.

A thermostat:-

Don't be alarmed to discover that some people do not think much about their heating and cooling system. You can have a smart home thermostat to make the climate controls more adaptive to what you like. If you use the Nest Learning Thermostat, it will pick up your habits after a week and program it for you. For instance, when your home is empty, it will switch to an eco mode to save on energy.

You can also go for a smart thermostat device like Ecobee4 which has room sensors and a Follow-Me feature that allows it to detect where people are and adapt to offer the best environment.
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