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Every now and then people are in continuous search for products that might ease their household work, especially working women and students. House chores can be difficult for some and easy breezy for some it totally depends on person to person. We should thank our technology and rapid innovations that have made our lives easier in every possible way. Whether it be vacuums, washing machines, or any other appliance they have not only saved out time but also the amount of energy that was used just to do the chores. Talking about dishwashers, these are amongst those innovative products that have revolutionized doing dishes. Back in time, it took hours cleaning all the dishes and cutlery items and then hours to dry them and put back them in place. To help things get better Bosh innovations came out with yet another dishwasher fully integrated and noise proof. One can always get into various UK price comparison sites for further details as for now you can log onto Phone Retailers for further details and can also compare and save all of the things you were looking for so that you don’t lose track of it.

Dishwasher with very large capacity by Bosh:

Series 4 Silence plus Dishwasher is one of the finest creations of Bosh gentle on ears they say. Let’s find out what it is exactly made up of and what makes it different from others. Let’s first talk about its performance level. With a capacity of 12 place settings and noise level dB A it is one of the most energy efficient and water efficient dishwasher amongst all that have come before it. It is on A++ on energy efficiency class, which we think is not bad at all. It consumes 7.5 liter per wash and 2100 liters yearly which is much less than many others. Eco-friendly washing and drying make it more efficient.

It has almost 6 programs to choose from and some additional programs to ensure perfection. Intensive 70° which is a full cleaning program in which the water level is adjusted according to the load in the machine. Moreover, it has a red infrared light that blinks on your floor to ensure it’s turned on or off, With its Vario speed plus technology/ turbo speed 60 ° will help you rinse your dishes in no time especially when you have a gathering at your place and might require the dishes quickly it’s as easy as nothing just switch on this mode and in few minutes your dishes are all cleaned and dried. The temperature control program is one of its kind to avoid any temperature shocks for all your glass wares and porcelain items. The built-in aqua sensor make sure that not even a single drop of water is wasted in all the cleaning process is detected by a light beam that how much water would be required to clean the load. Then there is a hygiene plus option which goes up to 10 minutes with a higher temperature of 70° to kill bacteria and germs in no time this is a new add-on in the machine that would not only help mothers to infants and all those who have a relatively high standard for hygiene and are allergic to things. Then comes the glass protection 40°   program that cleans and protect your delicate items. Then comes the option that we all are happy for the extra dry option. You choose these ones before you start a program and voila! Even the heaviest loads are all dried up.

Moving on to the internal features of this dishwasher. It has this VarioFlex basket system with a 3 stage rack which can be adjusted according to need. Then there are two foldable plate racks in the top basket and 4 plate racks that are gain foldable in the bottom to make sure you can adjust all your items at once. Then there is this separate cutlery basket and a knife rack so you don’t mix up all your items and when all done you can easily grab one by one and secure them in their allotted places.


All the buttons are placed on the top and one push they are on. At the end of each cycle, you’ll hear a sound that basically is an indicator that the machine has stopped. Plus on the bright side, we have a time and water inlet indicator so you can keep a check always. We have already mentioned the red light above. When it comes to its interior all of it is stainless steel so there are no worries about the body. The most fascinating thing about this is that it had a LED indicator that pops up in a red light to inform you about various things. Lastly, it has a self-cleaning filter that comes up with additional 3 corrugated filters.


This is one of the finest products from Bosh and one could simply rely on it for doing dishes while one is busy doing some other kind of work or having my time. Let’s move on to the retail price it is available in the market ranging from 419-579 pounds. If price comparison and compare retail price are concerned. The older version of Bosh dishwasher is available in 389 pounds but this has a fewer program as compares to this one.

When asked consumers they were quite happy about the price to product ratio as they seem to be liking them on the company made. This was genuinely something that everyone was looking for. In the end, we would like to conclude with saying that always find yourself retailers that offer Bosh product safety and free installation along with the delivery that’s the one with whom you could save your breaking bank, or else these kinds of things may charge you pennies. Overall this is one good effort made by Bosh and they should continue making such kind of innovations but in a price range that every person can afford in the coming times.
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