How to Market Your Law Firm Online in 2019

Online marketing for a law firm has never been easier this year and in the following years to come, but it doesn't mean that competition isn't getting fierce. With more businesses discovering the opportunities of online marketing, entrepreneurs should know how they can be ahead of the best techniques of digital marketing for 2019 and beyond.

According to Tampa personal injury attorney company Kinney Fernandez & Boire, there are several useful techniques to market your law firm. If you are just starting out with the possibilities of marketing your business online, read further to discover some tips that can help you get a jumpstart.

How to Market Your Law Firm Online in 2019:-

1. Utilize location-based SEO strategies:-

According to personal injury attorney Kinney Fernandez and Boire, SEO is still an important strategy in 2019. Long-form content is still essential to help you get searched organically when people look for information online.

However, a way to get an edge over your competition is to make use of location-based SEO keywords. For example, instead of simply using "car accident attorney", you can add "car accident Seattle attorney" if you are based in the area. Ask some SEO writers to create content about car accidents and how to file claims while including the location-based keywords that you want.

Your posts should be at least 500-1000 words long. Ideally, the longer the content, the better because it helps search engines crawl through your website more.

2. Use location-based PPC campaigns:-

PPC campaigns stand for pay-per-click. Have you ever done a search on Google and noticed that some results appear on top of the page with a small icon that says "Ads"? These are examples of PPC campaigns.

However, Tampa personal injury attorney Kinney Fernandez & Boire suggests that you adjust your PPC campaigns to local users. Now, Google Adwords has adjustable campaigns by showing your posts only to those who live in the location that you choose. As it is important for lawyers to find in-state clients, this marketing tactic is useful to get targeted clients.

Some keywords have higher bids than others. Check the best keywords and decide which ones you want to include in your campaign for the best results.

3. Use social media sponsored advertisements:-

Another alternative to PPC campaigns is social media marketing. Social media marketing is generally cheaper than PPC campaigns because it generally has a lower rate. Small-time entrepreneurs rely on social media marketing campaigns to get a good grip on their audience.

If you are a budding lawyer hoping to get your business off the ground, perhaps you can start with location-based social media marketing. Place an image or a video as a part of your campaign with well-written copy and show it to potential audiences within your state. A good way to find leads is to offer free short consultation, a free guide, or any other incentive you can add in exchange for their e-mails.

4. Be an authority figure in message boards:-

Message boards are not dead, in fact, they just got better! Another suggestion by personal injury attorney company Kinney Fernandez & Boire is to regularly help people who may have questions about law or legal-related matters.

The best way is to focus on your specialized area, as this could increase your chances to get further inquiries from potential clients. There are may legal message boards online, but you can also start from large ones such as Quora or Reddit.

These are just some of the many ways you can expand your law firm business by marketing it online. Through these strategies, you can have a higher chance of getting quality leads and be an authority figure in your specialization.

Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a Philly based photographer and freelance writer.
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