Interesting Facts About Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia is the newest weight-loss rage. As long as its properties of weight loss were not noticed, it was a part of traditional dishes. This is a natural fat burner and currently, no side effects have been observed on its consumption. Those who still need an elucidation about what Garcinia Cambogia actually is?  Reading the facts given below will make a complete understanding of this Fruit.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

The genus Garcinia consists of over 200 species dispersed in the tropics of the world primarily in Asia, Africa, and Polynesia.

    · There are approximately 35 species in India, many of which are indigenous and economically vital with enormous medicinal properties. They are evergreen trees with thin and soft branches. Plant establishes off the green but turns yellow or red after ripening.
        ·   In North-Eastern India, Fruit is used for culinary purposes and as a folk medicine.  It has been widely used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries to manage several ailments like digestive tract issues, cardiovascular complications, certain body infections.
     ·  Considering its numerous medicinal properties, the western world has discovered it beneficial to work on weight loss.
         ·   Garcinia comprises a natural diet ingredient Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).       
It is an anti-obesity pound found in the Fruit rind and identified to inhibit lipid and fatty acid synthesis in living systems

Other Names Of Garcinia Cambogia:

It has different names according to different places like Gambooge, Cambogia Gummi-Guta, Malabar Tamarind, Brindle/ Brindal Berry, Assam, Garcinia Cambogi, G. Quaesita, Kankusta, Gorikapuli, Mangostana Cambogia, Tamarinier de Malabar, and Vrikshamla or Tamarind.

Garcinia Cambogia helps in quick weight loss because of the following reasons:

       ·        Blocks fat production
       ·        Reduces urge for overeating
       ·        Encourages the brain to produce more serotonin
       ·        Uplifts Mood
       ·        Calms nervous system and offers sound sleep
       ·        Keeps sugar craving away
       ·        Maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
       ·        Boosts up immunity
       ·        Keeps good energy levels in the body

How Does It Work In Weight Loss?

All the benefits described above are due to the presence of key ingredient HCA.

“HCA effectively stops fat production by blocking the action of Citrate Lyase – an enzyme responsible for the conversion of starches and sugars into lipids”

In addition, it also helps to boost the production of Serotonin in the brain. High serotonin levels help to curb excess cravings for food. In low Serotonin levels, people are more likely to feel depressed and less likely to choose the right things to eat.

Only Pure Garcinia Cambogia Is Beneficial:

Many claims that they provide Garcinia Cambogia in the purest form.  However, one needs to be a bit cautious while buying such supplements. Impurities might be added in anti-obesity drugs to low the product cost. Such things are the hindrance in the weight loss mechanism of Garcinia Cambogia.

“The appetite and fat suppressant action of this natural fat burner can only create positive effects if it is taken in pure form”

Superior good quality Garcinia Cambogia extracts come with most suitable 60% HCA concentration for the human body.

How To Use Garcinia Cambogia?

To achieve the best weight loss effects of Garcinia Cambogia then it should be taken 30 minutes prior to meals. On the other hands, instructions are needed to follow associated with supplement and amount should not exceed than the stated dosage to avoid any adverse effects.

Any Side Effects Associated With Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is the natural product and does not result in any toxic effects on the body.  No major side effects have found on its use.

Although one needs to be careful if have any of below given conditions:

Pregnant ladies may avoid its use - During pregnancy there is no need to set weight loss goals. Another reason is the appetite suppressant properties of Garcinia Cambogia to curb appetite which is not good during pregnancy.

Similarly, the breastfeeding mother can also avoid taking this supplement.

People are on medication may consult a doctor before starting Garcinia Cambogia supplement:

Those who have diabetes must consult their doctors before taking a Garcinia cambogia supplement because it can reduce the level of blood glucose in the blood
The doctor would make changes in dosage according to this supplement so that the blood sugar levels don’t drench to risky levels.

Things Need To Be Taken Care Of While Buying Garcinia Cambogia Supplement
What is needed to see in a supplement?

ü It must contain at least 60% HCA.
  ü There should not be any artificial ingredients, fillers or binders.
  ü If there are other ingredients, then the quantity of each should be clear.
ü Always look for reasonably priced products.
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