First Timers Travel Guide to Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re traveling to the US for the time then do not panic for being too late to explore the country. There are a lot of the people who still haven’t managed to visit the US for some reason or the other, mainly because of lack of finances and visa issues. Going through the visa acquisition process is tough when it comes to the US, however, with so much of the facilities being introduced in the recent past such as the Visa Waiver Program and the ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization, more people have been allowed to visit the US without acquiring a visa.

Having said that, not everyone is eligible to apply for U.S. Travel Authorization, hence, obtaining a visa for the US is tough due to the following reasons:

  • The country has some high-end security standards that most of the visitors fail to match with due to the lack of awareness or their home country being unpopular for a trustworthy citizenship.
  • While a lot of the people travel to the US every year, the main reasons for it are either business or pleasure. However, if the visitor intends to stay in the US on the visit visa by legal or illegal ways, then it is considered to be a fraud by the authorities, because of which they’re hesitant in releasing open visas to anybody without investigation.
  • Disappointing the basic laws and rules or an unreliable past record of the person also becomes a reason for not being able to get the visa for the US. 

Phoenix, Arizona: Travelers Guide:-

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona in the US. With a lot of the people wondering the place is highlighted for the first time travelers to the US, a clear answer to the confusion can be given with the following interesting facts about Phoenix, Arizona.

  1. Phoenix is known to be a place with its year-round warm and sunny temperature. The winters are also good in the region but not that cold due to which the place becomes feasible for the travelers regardless of the weather and different seasons.
  2. Phoenix is also popular for its desert resorts that also include a great exposure to the cacti and other wild plants that are otherwise rare to witness in the other parts of the country/world.
  3. The place is also very popular for being traveler-friendly with a lot of the reasonable and suitable options for food, entertainment, and historical places. All of these can be witnessed by the first-time visitor to the US in close spots without having to travel a lot.
  4. The wildlife exposure in Phoenix, Arizona allows the visitors to explore the nature by riding on their rented bicycles or vehicles that also make it a place for a great hiking experience.  
  5. The man-made luxuries in Phoenix, Arizona are also up-to-mark for the first time travelers who seek pleasure in nightclubs, spas, and other sources of entertainment.
  6. One of the seven wonders of the world i.e. the Grand Canyon of Arizona is also in Phoenix that proves to be a mesmerizing experience for people who look for some natural exposure to the river, mountains, and red rocks of the sandy desert

Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona:-

   ü  The Grand Canyon:
Being one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is one of the biggest attractions in Phoenix. It has some mesmerizing views, desert exposer, huge natural cacti displays, rivers, mountains, and red rocks revelation which make the place worthy of visiting the town.
   ü  Outdoor fun:
The outdoor fun in Phoenix is beyond alluring imagination which includes rock climbing, sail boating, horseback riding, and hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and skydiving. There is a lot in the place than the mentioned outdoor fun activities so that the international visitors get to experience of the best of the US at least once in their lifetime.
   ü  Nightclubs:
The nightclubs are also one of the biggest attractions in town. Visitors who are not very fond of exploring nature and the physical activities around the mountains and rivers can look forward to this aspect of the visitor’s pleasure that the place is also most famous for.
   ü  Spas:
Spas are one of the biggest deals for people who are visiting the US for pleasure. Along with the exhausting fun and tiring journey, the local spas are a treat to the visitors who prefer some relaxation and pampering time in terms of exquisite interiors, trained staff, and some high-end facilities in suitable rates.
   ü  Golf Courses:
When you search for Phoenix on the internet, one of the first things that you’ll notice about is the golf courses that are also one of the specialties in town. The great golf courses are spread in a wide area, allowing the maximum number of visitors to have a great experience in the field.
   ü  Food:
The fact that Phoenix has been one of the top-rated places for visiting the US, the food offered is phenomenal with a wide variety including local, continental, and international cuisines with an alluring taste from the wonderful chefs.

Additional information for the International travelers to the USA:-

The VWP i.e. the Visa Waiver Program is an American system introduced for visitors who are the citizen of the selected countries to which the US has granted a visa-free transit for 90 days without acquiring the visa. The VWP has to be approved by ESTA i.e. the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which identifies the traveler as a certified citizen of the VWP country.

The application for the VWP has to wait for a maximum of 72 hours to be approved by the ESTA. The rejection or approval of VWP by ESTA can also be done right after submitting the application. The person gets informed in either of the cases.

International travelers who apply for U.S Travel Authorization have to submit their complete documents including the Passport, ESTA approved VWP, one photograph, visa fee, and other essential requirements made by the concerned authorities.

When you apply for US Travel Authorization for visiting Phoenix then makes sure to look into the visa, VWP, ESTA documents to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable trip to the most captivating places to visit for business and pleasure purposes.
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