Are You Planning to Make Your Own Travel Bucket List?

Who doesn’t love traveling? 

"To travel is to live” is heard, said and understood by many but then beautiful things doesn’t come free. One need to plan, spend time thinking about how will they make it possible and of course it includes pays. What would you do with no money in your hand? Getting good flight deals to India from USA, will just that do? No, we don’t think so! As bucket list isn’t just about grabbing deals and managing bucks, it’s more than that. Let’s read down to know what exactly a bucket list is and how do we prepare one.

What is a Travel bucket list?

What do you understand by a bucket list, a list for the ones whose time’s coming? Nope, not at all. Rather it is a catalog of personal experiences and goals. And one common thing we all put on our bucket list is to travel.

Now the question is, when are you going to chop it off your list? Well, do you have a list? No? Then come let’s see how to make one. A list that you just can’t wait to start with.


It is most overwhelming and fun section of any plan.

Deep breathe and ask yourself, what do you want to do before you die? All the imaginations will run wild, straight there, in front of your eyes.

While performing this party be fully inspired, surround yourself with enough inspiration.

Here comes a question? How to get inspiration? Well, you can read travel blogs, watch movies with beautiful locations or simply put up a world map on a think about the kind of trip you want to make, a cruise? A road trip or a lost vacation in Himalayas? What’s on you mind?

Note down every idea that comes to your mind no matter how crazy it sounds or how far the place is. Come on! You’ve a lifetime, you can make it.


After dreaming hundreds of fairytale trips now is the time to get real. Now is the time to prioritize your list of places according to say a year’s time and of course your budget. Figure out your budget and see how many places fit in and there you’ve a list you actually can think of taking up and start with. You still may have many places on your list, you still can segregate. How?

Simply pick the places nearby and feasible for you to visit. Send the places back on the list, you’ll have to save up for and the ones you can take tomorrow let them come first. Rank the locations accordingly and hey, your list is ready. When are you starting?

Who to Share with?

Think of who you wanna share the experience with when you consider a place to jot down on the bucket list. Are your kinds coming to your mind? Or friends? Husband? Boyfriend? Or maybe you wanna take a solo trip?

How to Plan:-

Now here’s the time when you need to put everything in motion. So, the most important part of planning adventures of your bucket list confirming if you are financially equipped. Have a good research on hotels, flights, rentals cars. If your dream destination includes places from India, you can look for good flight deals from USA to India, you sure will find many. You can even look for cheaper flights and hotels. You can make an itinerary that fits in your budget.

Following are the things to plan when you are setting estimates:

ü  Cost of reaching
ü  Cost of staying
ü  Cost of drink and foods
ü  Cost of extra activities
ü  Last minute emergency changes
ü  Other details like visas, passport etc.

Calculate everything in advance to not face any difficulty when you are out for the trip.

How to save?

You may receive mini panic attack after you have calculated your expenditure. Is the trip costing you much? How to handle the finances? No, don’t think of your credit cards. It may help you now but will stress you later with added up interests.

So what next? Savings! Yes, start saving money in the old manner, it might be old fashioned but it’s the safest way to take a trip with no loaded tensions. Take that figured budget estimate and start saving accordingly. Say if you are leaving in a year for the place, you have 10 months to stack up money, accordingly fix how many money you need to save every month an thus after a year you’ll have enough to take your dream trip.

Yes, the time has come!

The time is here for your first check on your bucket list. Are you all set to start the travel? Typically you’ll think you have still a lot of days left and that you have enough time. But the days will pass by like a wind and there you’ll be packing in a hurry. Don’t let yourself be in a situation like that. To avoid, start your packing early. A little daily.

Here are some little stuffs you need to take care before the departure date comes really close:

l  If you have pets, who’s going to take care of them in your absence? Make house sitting arrangements before you leave.
l  In case of road trip, be sure of the quality check of your transport. If via airplane, confirm the date and the departure time in advance.
l  Create a list so that you don’t forget anything you need to pack.
l  If going international take care of your visa and passport.

A bucket list often be viewed with a negative aspect say like because your death is near or if someone sees you making one he may consider you planning your own end but that’s not the truth. Isn’t it? The real truth is that it’s the biggest achievement and something to celebrate about in life. This lists has all you want to do so that somewhere when you would be old enough to travel you’ll have no regrets. Your travel bucket list might be one of the highly significant things you ever jotted down on a sheet of paper because travel gives you wings, they have been proved life changing and affirming.

Just imagine yourself getting good flight deals to India from USA and chopping off every place in India you wished to visit. Already happy?

How amazing a life will be with a travel bucket list. Guess we are clear now? Go, hurry! Make yourself a travel bucket list now. You know how!

Description: what is a travel bucket list and how do we frame one. With us learn it all. Also learn that we help you make your trips affordable by providing you with good flight deals to India from USA.
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