Tips to Construct a Professional Facebook Profile

There are different kinds of social networking sites available in which Facebook is one of the popular platforms where you can promote business as well. Facebook launched in the 2010, now it has more than 200 million users officially. In the past people use it for fun but now it is getting hype and common platform for the professionals. It has taken the world by storm and by using these you will able to achieve the professional goal. However, buy Facebook likes to connect with more people.

LinkedIn is considered as king of social media but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t construct the Facebook profile professionally. Facebook is the widely accepted network where you can promote your business and connect with professionals as well. If you are job seeker or recruiter then it would be better to often look on the Facebook, determine your profile whether good or not.  The business aspect has been taking the lot of space in the social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well. After reading article you will able to understand the basic aspects of Facebook and how to construct the profile professionally.

Profile Image:-

First thing you should remember about social media accounts is the profile picture is mandatory.  It will assist you to build credibility and attract the organic viewers as well. As you need to upload the excellent picture that reveal your brand. It doesn’t mean you have to wear the expensive suite etc. it would be better to concentrate on the wearing glasses and having your hair in face create less confident on the face.

Cover photo:-

Cover photo reveal your passions, such image should represent your hobbies. However, these should reveal that what you want to achieve in the life with your professional presence as well. Many of the people connect this image with their portfolio and help them to attract recruiters on the official website.

Build the URL:-

Before starting the Facebook you need to pay attention on the small details. You should construct your own attractive URL and Facebook assign particular URL to the very user. You will have option to change the name on the Facebook profile without any permission.

Add professional experience:-

However Facebook cannot user officially CV but there are many job seekers available in the Facebook. Thus, it is vital to add your qualification and personal work experience as well. Make sure to include where you have done studies and what kind of titles you get in the life.

Uninstall the game:-

There are different kinds of Facebook games available fortunately that time is long gone. However, if you still play the games on the Facebook, it then better to be uninstall them from your profile. Having time to play games on the official accounts reflect that worst professionalism. If you are quite interested in the game then don’t give the additional reasons to the recruiters to guess your habits. You can buy Facebook likes to attract the more visitors and insight as well. 
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